4 Jul 2014


via // another one I want to use for my photo challenge

Energy sweeps through her body
The wind runs through her golden hair
She stands on the hill for all to see
For all who want to look up and stare

Her sea green eyes are alight with a glow
Her pale skin looks white against the grey sky
She stands steady in the deep snow
She's different and only a few know why

And oh, it's the presence of a fiery soul
One that doesn't give up in this dark cold world
Oh, it's the presence of a warrior soul
She has been hurt, she has been whirled
In the crazy tornado called life

Yes she has been wrong, she has lied
But He saved her and now she's stronger than before
She is only for Him inside and outside
Since He picked her up off the cold hard floor

And I can tell you who she is
She is a warrior
She is living for him, she is His
 Alive for her savior

She's been through some hard times
But she decided she didn't want to let that get in her way
She's been through some bad times
But when she felt like giving up, she told herself to stay

And she's not going to stop
He is in her and will take their breath away
With her story as the backdrop
His love shouts from within her everyday

She is a warrior
Living for her savior
She has Him as her leader
And she is a warrior


a poem I wrote, about some people I know. I can see God's love shining through them, so this is dedicated to them.

^ that might have had something to do with inspiring me to write this as well. I found it on Pinterest.

oh, and, happy 4th of July to all my American friends.


  1. Tane, that is stunning! Your writing is beautiful!

  2. Once again you have amazed me. You write beautifully, and I always love reading your works of art!!!
    Messy Bits

    1. Oh Kelsi, that is such a nice thing of you to say, and it warmed my heart, putting a smile on my face. ♥

  3. Replies
    1. My dear Cindy, can't thank you enough for saying that about something I wrote.

  4. Beautifully written, Tane dear - very uplifting words too... Lots of love to you friend! Kelly xx

  5. gorgeous post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

  6. OH MY GOODNESS. *dies into little fangirl bits*
    That's so true, we can all be warriors through Jesus Christ. <3
    Your writing is amazing, okay? It flows through my mind like honey and it STICKS. I'll wake up tomorrow and be thinking about it even then.
    I've missed you! I haven't been reading or writing but here I am now. xx

    1. Ohhhh Maddie! You are such a sweetheart. That made my day...
      You have to know, I think YOUR writing is *pauses and gasps as she remembers your talent* A.M.A.Z.I.N.G...And I love visiting your blog. I am so glad you're here now...I've missed you as well. ♥ :)

  7. That's awesome!!! :) I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! :D


  8. Thank you so much, Joy! Though I've already done it, so I'm gonna have to pass. ;) But thanks!


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