9 Jan 2017

Monday Musings [5] - You Win

well done, you win
you got yourself
underneath my skin
and now, now
something is happening
so what are you going to do
about this thing
that's steadily growing?

I fought it
but the thing is, I'm only so strong
and now here it is
and now here I am
surprised to feel it's right, not wrong.

it punctured my heart
in the way I know you meant it to
right from the very start
and now the red is soaking through
staining me like art.

hook, line and sinker
hey, I think I capsized your boat too
I've always been a thinker
but now I'm always thinking of you.

maybe we can go for a walk together upon the sand and
you can tell me your secrets, 
ones you normally keep to yourself and 
I will pretend like I don't like holding your hand
but that's one of my secrets, 
I normally keep it only for myself
the fact that I don't want you to let go of my hand,
as my footprints follow yours in the sand.

and you, you've got me deep in this rut
and I, I'm not even looking for a way out.

somehow I don't mind that I feel weak against this tide
and you of all people know that I've got all this pride
but alright, I'll be the first to say you win
'cause I can't concentrate
when that smile makes my head spin
and I'm not even afraid
'cause maybe 
you were supposed to win.

written: 09/01/2017