14 Sep 2016

Wednesday Words [3] - We're Fine

When those old fears are back once again
When those scars reopen and bleed again
When you need someone just call my name
I promise I’ll be there to help you mend

I’ve been broken down and left on the side
I have been tortured by my own mind
If you’re scared I know what it feels like
If you’re on the run I know what it feels like

Sometimes the people you thought would keep you safe
Break their promises and your bones and your faith
Sometimes we put ourselves into hands of destruction
Easily tricked into thinking they have good intentions

But if you ever need a home
If you are tired of being alone
Find me, I’m shattered too
Find me, it’ll be me and you

You are haunted by the things that were done
You’re tired but now you can’t ever slow down
Driven by the ghosts of your past chasing you down
And the battle you fight cannot seem to be won

But I will help you untie your heavy load
Escape and leave it in this neighbourhood
We both know that if I could I would
Erase your memory but it’s no good
We live with these nightmares in our minds
We live trying to forget so that we’ll be fine

But from now on, we travel together
Matching our paces, sticking together

We’ll take our time
Until in the end

We find we’re fine.

written: 12/09/16