8 Nov 2015


and here I am again, lifting my wet eyes to the sky
left behind and left wondering how, wondering why
watching a yellow balloon glide through the clouds
I watch and I'm silent even when I want to yell out loud

I'm like a child again, my heart tearing at the seams
I built a shell out of lost hopes and broken dreams
but ghosts walk through locked doors, and I hear myself scream
the light leaves me in the dark as it spills out of me in dull beams

and here I am again, clutching onto what I have left
a crowd of balloons tied to my wrist, still I am bereft
I find their colors reflecting on my skin, so vibrant
baby blue, pastel pink, sunset orange, deep violet
yet, the beauty only reminds me of what I could lose
I know my bones will still break, my flesh will still bruise

storms and winds will come, there will be things lost
things will be taken away, I'll be left to count the cost
empty and hurting because of the smallest of things
because of all the things I hold onto by their strings



I've been there before, destroyed by a stupid love for things. In that, there is a lesson to be learned, and I'm learning it. New knowledge, true knowledge, rebuilt me. (1 Timothy 6:17-19Luke 12:33-34Matthew 6:19-21) Don't trust in things. Things are frail. Don't chase after them, they aren't worth it.  I promise that they won't ever fill that hole inside of you, they'll just make more.

2 Nov 2015


Among the many other things that happened during the (What, two?) months of my absence, we got a Labrador puppy, which I mentioned in one of my last posts.
A puppy, guys. That means: an exuberant, face licking, warm bundle that makes everyday cuter.
There's nothing much more adorable than a Lab pup.
Her name is Lola.

This was her a few days after she came home. She was 5 weeks old.

When she was that age, she slept all the time, and everywhere. Often it happened all of a sudden; she would be playing tug of war with me and then she'd just flop down and fall asleep, in the blink of an eye.

 Even if it did make her tired and sandy, Lola loved the beach. She also loved pulling on the leash and in fact still hasn't learned that it's supposed to lead her, not the other way around.

She grew (And continues to grow) so quickly. She almost tripled her weight in one month. 

This is her today- look at the first picture, and then scroll down to this one again. Yeah, now you know what I mean about how fast she's growing. She was three months old on the 31st of October.
She came to be apart of the family when a friend who's dog had nine puppies offered to give us one. My parents caved after years of saying no to another dog. I don't think they regret it. We all love Lo. I mean, look at that face. Who wouldn't?

1 Nov 2015

5 NaNoWriMo Tips

This morning, after waking up, I was greeted by the sound of a heavy downpour. Rain. Oh, what a beautiful sound. As the water hit the roof of the house and hit the ground, wetting earth that so badly needs it, leaving patterns on the window I gazed out of, I thought: not a bad start to November. (don't be getting me wrong. I love sunny weather, very much, but even I know the loveliness of rain after days of drought) I hope this month is rainy all the way through. This country could use it.
And yes, oh yes, it is November. Which means, Christmas is just that much closer. Which means, Summer is just that much closer. Which means, it's NaNoWriMo. Which, obviously, means it's time to write.
I've never started and followed through to the end with NaNoWriMo, but I'm especially determined this year. It's a wonderful project for any writer, so if you weren't planning on it, I encourage you to give it a shot. Haven't heard of it? Well, read up on it. Maybe you'll find that it's just the sort of thing you'd like to do. And if you decide to join me as well as many other writers, it will be an opportunity to practice perseverance. Not only that, but your writing skills will improve by doing this. We all know the old saying, practice makes perfect. Yeah, well, some claim that they can't see perfection even after all their practice. I've been one to scorn those words as well. But I promise, or rather I know, that this other saying is true: practice makes better. Definitely.

It can be tough trying to complete an entire novel in thirty days. So I've written down a few tips that have helped me before and will hopefully help you.


I was reading lots of articles on NaNoWriMo, and so many of them suggested that you don't edit as you go.

How? That's what I thought at first. 50,000 words in 30 days. How am I going to make it? With everything else in my life that's going on?
I've always been a perfectionist, and sometimes it kills me not to go over the chapter I've just written and fix everything. But don't do that. Use that time to write another chapter, and just keep writing. You can fix it all in December, or even January. All the typos and misspellings, paragraphs that don't make sense, missing explanations, whatever. Ignore that squiggly red underlining. (ugh, that red underlining) For now, just write. Reserve your inner editor. Finish your novel before or on the 30th, bring your plot to life, and then, only later, worry about the professionalism that will be required if you want to publish your book. Which, I myself, would really like to do someday. 


Don't just give up when you're inspiration-less. There are ways to be inspired, of course there are.
Often I'll find myself staring at the keyboard, my mind blank as to what I should write next, or how I should write it. Yes, it's what we call a bad case of that condition that writers hate, Writer's Block. 
What do we do to rejuvenate our inspiration? Go outside. Breathe in the fresh air, observe everything around you and just think for awhile. Or, go read a book. One of your favourites, maybe. Reading inspires.
You could also try closing your eyes and teleporting your mind to the world you've created with words. Ponder everything there is to ponder, and then open your eyes to write down whatever idea struck you while you were there.


It's nice to know you're not alone. And NaNoWriMo is sort of like a unison of writers across the world. So, connect with others. Ask them to read some of your work, maybe, ask for CC (constructive criticism) and ask them if they have any ideas they'd like to share with you. Ask for tips that they use themselves, share your own tips. Read their work as well, offer them encouragement.  


What makes a good book? What does everyone look for in a good book?

Realism. Imagination. Escapism.

I think, honestly, what people want most of all, is something real. Real characters, real feelings, real problems, real overcoming and real victories. They want writers to put into words what they've felt but never been able to describe. They want that connection that can only come about through letters printed in ink on a page. I suggest you use aspects of your life, conversations you've had before, experiences you've experienced. Use them as basis for sections and paragraphs in your book. Others want to identify with what you've written, and it's easier for them to do that when you use real life scenarios. Keep it real.

While being realistic is necessary to a certain extent, imaginative ideas should be woven through the story as well. You want to make people think. You want to make them dream, you want to make them wonder. Be creative with your imagination.

Another thing I've found out about humans and books is that we read to escape. To another world. To just climb out of our messy life for half an hour with a cup of tea and a good book. We want to get lost. We want new universes and unheard of places. If you write with captivation, maybe you'll produce something they'll read with captivation. Concentrate on making it worth escaping to.


Hold out. Your fingers will probably get tired (whether you type or write with a pen)- your mind will definitely get worn out. But push yourself. Perhaps only then you'll discover what you're capable of.
If you're serious about writing, about being an author, don't give up too quickly. If NaNoWriMo is more of a light thing to you, just something fun to participate in, I guess you don't need to take it so seriously.
As for me? I want to publish a book someday. Even if it's just one book. I really do. And I'm on my way. Slow progress is still progress.

What about you? Is writing something you can see yourself always doing?

29 Oct 2015

October Days

Hey, person. It's so nice to see you here. I was thrilled at the response I received through comments about my homecoming to Blogger, you guys are wonderful.
 I'm happy to be back in the swing of blogging, I've always loved it. The trick is fitting it into everyday. But now, without much further ado, it's time to launch into a list of recent happenings and such things in my life. I think I'll include bits and pieces of news from September as well, since I disappeared after the last day of August.

I hope you enjoy what follows.



+ marbling

+ taking pics with my little cutie, Reilly

+ getting an awesome macro lens that functions with phones

(Both taken with my iPhone 4S, using the macro lens. It clips onto almost any phone)

+ feeling overwhelmed by the blessings that surround me, by how much my God has given me
+ hiking the Helderberg, a local mountain, almost to the top

+ waking up at six am EVEN on the weekends when my alarm is switched off because my body doesn't get that I don't have to wake up at the same time the sun rises on a Saturday
+ baking gluten free bread that actually turned out okay

+ driving my siblings insane by calling them 'short stuff' (Hey. It's out of affection, alright. I don't get why they don't seem to think so...do you? Oh, and, number one response: I'm going to be taller than you! Well, I guess I am only something like five foot four myself)
+ falling asleep at 2:30 am after watching like five movies at a sleepover
+ deciding that I want to learn how to dance (I haven't started with that yet)
+ catching up with my french and math (Procrastination leads to no good)
+ looking forward to Christmas, a lot (CHRISTMAS.)
+ swimming, in the pool and at the beach (I am enjoying the warm weather)
+ loving the new addition to our family, a blonde, chocolate eyed lab puppy (I'd tell you more, but I think she deserves her very own post, so look forward to that)
+ drawing (As usual)

+ raiding gardens for photographs, because with flowers that pretty, I can't resist

27 Oct 2015

Live Alive

Looking back now, I kind of wish I'd savored everything more than I did. Late nights playing cards, laughing our heads off, inside jokes that we killed by telling them over and over again, sticky hugs from little brothers, toothless smiles, I love you's, being tucked in, jumping in the pool on a hot summer's day, eating watermelon, sitting by the fire telling stories in the winter, roasting marshmallows, trips to the beach that resulted in a car filled with sand, long drives, picnics and visits to the zoo, playing hide and seek, playing dress up, messing paint all over ourselves when we decided to repaint the walls in our rooms, climbing trees outside, running wild and barefoot, watching sunsets and sunrises. Moments that turned into memories. They haunt me, and after I've thought it through I realize it's in only a good way, if you can believe that. Nostalgia whispers to my soul often, and sometimes it makes me want to go back in time, do it all again, and do some things differently too. I miss 'back then'. Every now and then. But I can't spend my life chasing the past when it's already behind me.
All in all, I am grateful. For what has been, for what is, and for what will be. I've been through sadness and depression, through trials, through golden days that made my heart burst with contentment, experienced amazing experiences and made it out of dark times I thought I'd never survive. I've got to where I am now, a bright future ahead of me no matter what happens as long as I've got Jesus by my side.

You have got to remember, just like I have got to remember, that right now will also be long ago soon. Live in the moment, and live fully. Stop running around trying to get everything right and just breathe. Focus on the one most important thing: God. Let Him be in control, let things happen, let life happen. Take it a step at a time, don't forget to enjoy the company of the people you love and don't forget to eat that slice of chocolate cake once in awhile.

You're alive. It's no small thing. If you're reading this, you are alive. So act like it. Live alive.

Postscript: I'm back, just in case you didn't notice. It feels good. But I know I sort of left you all wondering where I went, since I didn't warn anyone that this blog (Foot. Fifth out of Ten. Oh my word, I just realized that my blog's abbreviation is foot) would be vacant for awhile. I'm sorry about that. I'm praying that I will find time in my busy life to keep my blog alive as well. 

31 Aug 2015


It was when I was almost dead,
that you taught me how to really live.
It was when I was on the ground,
that you gave me the strength to get up.
When I was just a flicker of a flame,
you blew life into my fire and made it roar.

And when I lay there crumpled and small,
you promised you'd be there through it all.

There's still a long way to go,
but I look back now on this road I've taken,
I see the two sets of footprints,
and I know your promise remains unbroken.



Isaiah 42:3 / A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench; He will bring forth justice for truth.

25 Aug 2015

6 Things We Idolize, And Shouldn't

Idolatry. I believe it's a sin we're all guilty of, in one way or another.
I've been thinking more and more about this lately. I have been thinking about if I have my priorities right. I'm a Christian. My God, Jesus, should be at the center of my life. Not off to the right, or over there in the left. No. He must be in the CENTER. Above everything else, I should turn my worship and attention to Him. Nothing else is worthy of getting in the way.
We all idolize. Sure, in subtle ways, maybe. But that's what makes it hard to notice, to be concerned about. Often it can be the stupidest little thing. Humans are labile, fickle creatures. They repeatedly give in to their desires, give in to what they lust after, whatever it is. I know I, for one, want to please God with my whole heart. That does not mean I don't sin when it comes to this. The Bible says the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. (Matthew 26:41)

So what do we allow to be exalted in everyday situations, when we shouldn't?

1. FOOD.

Oh, how many times I catch myself thinking about food. Chocolate, pizza, french fries, cheesecake, you name it. It's so easy to fall into the trap of permitting our stomach to govern us. Our stomach can become to be like a god to us.
In Philippians, the Bible says: whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame- who set their mind on earthly things. (3:19)
God made food for our enjoyment. He did. But it is not meant to come before Him. Ever seen that little sentence at the bottom of the TV screen, whilst watching an ad for beer or wine or some form of alcohol? The one that says 'drink responsibly'? As Christians, our duty is to eat responsibly. It's okay to enjoy food. Don't worship it.


Outward appearances. Admit it, we've all heard it, and often believed the lie that tells us we have to be picture perfect to be accepted. Honestly, the standard has been set too high, and I'm here to break it to you.
Some people judge themselves for their outward appearances. Some people judge others for their outward appearances. I can't deny that I've let this get to me. Lately, though, I've felt very strongly that God is telling me to change. Stop, He's saying, just stop. You really think that I breathed life into you and put you in this world so that you could stress about the way you look?
Not only has He been reminding me that outward beauty is not what matters, He's also been rebuking me for insulting Him. Yes, when you look in the mirror and say you don't like what you see, you're saying: God, your artwork is ugly. Please, realize how serious that is. He's the Creator. Everything he has made is beautiful.
And trying to value everyone (Including yourself) by how pretty their face is or desirable or good looking they are according to the world's standard is wrong. It's also of a sign ignorance, which is a sign you've been brainwashed by the world.


There are a few subjects I need to cover here. Idolizing people can happen as anyone of the following...

(a) Actors, singers, boy bands, authors, popular friends, even your crush. Whatever, any of those. Sometimes we obsess about other people, hence the term 'fangirl'. It's not alright. The only One we should fangirl over is Jesus. It's fine to show appreciation for someone in your life, of course. But here's some advice. Don't obsess and don't fantasize over other humans. It is a sin, because it steals away the time we could be using to spend time with our God, and really, it's not healthy.
(b)  For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ. (Galatians 1:10)
Society piles on the pressure. I know that. I know how it is. You want to impress and please others, you want them to think you're cool. You often do things keeping in mind what they would think of it. We should only keep in mind what our Father in heaven would think of it. It doesn't make Him happy when we make pleasing men our primacy.
(c) Yourself. Ourselves. Being selfish is a way of putting someone else in a higher place than God. That someone being you. Doing what we want instead of what He wants is the opposite of being selfless, which we're called to do.


Mine. I want. Give me.
Those things that go through our minds. It's so hard not to take what you want. Or to be stingy with what you have. But guys, stuff, stuff is so worthless when you think about it. Owning fancy, expensive or beautiful things will not fill that hole you may feel in your life. And whatever objects and possessions you have with you will not go with you into the next life someday. There is joy in having little and not minding.
I'm also referring to envying things that someone else has, like King David did. Pull against the urge to have what isn't yours.


Meaning: movies, music, social media. Spending too much time in front of the TV, preoccupying your mind with the wrong music, or biting your lip at too little likes on a photo you posted.
I believe entertainment is one of the pleasures God has gifted us with, yes. Good things are good for you, when rationed out in the right amounts. If you're thinking about them too often, spending too much time dwelling on them, then you're letting them be too important to you.


For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10)
My point has already been made with that verse. However, I'll go on to say this. I think everyone will agree that money is tempting. Very, very tempting. And oh, how the evil one loves for us to fall into temptation. Just remember that you can't do it on your own. You cannot beat temptation without help from above.

You might not like what I'm saying. If I'm honest, I don't even like what I'm saying. I won't deny it's a battle. Fighting against what we as simple humans fancy, and instead satisfying ourselves in Him. But I promise you this, He is so satisfying. He is all you need, all I need. He can give that deep sense of belonging. And He keeps His word.
I was reading in the book of John today, and I came across a couple of verses that I think will finish this post with the right words.

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world- the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life- is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. (John 2:15-17)

I encourage you to watch and pray. And to glorify Jesus as your only God. Don't let the gods of this world entice you, lest you be caught in their snare.

19 Aug 2015


In June, my mom and I went to a fine dining restaurant for lunch one noon. My sister works at the place where we went, being a chef and all, which is why we decided to visit. Equus is its name, latin for horse. It's based near Stellenbosch, on a beautiful wine and stud farm, Cavalli Estate. The scenery is gorgeous, with mountains in the distance, greenery everywhere, indigenous plants in bright colours, beautiful horses grazing in their paddocks near a large, modern stable, a paved road leading up to the buildings and and a wide lake that was in full view from where we sat, on the deck.

I have my lovely mom to thank for the wonderful treat of going to Equus.

The experience was amazing, it was my first time having a 'fine dining' three course meal. At first, when I picked up the menu, I decided on pork belly, one of the mains. Satisfied with my choice, I closed my menu and told my mom, who laughed. She told me I was supposed to choose my starter first. And also that I was going to choose a dessert. I was surprised that we were having three courses, but of course, happy about it.

So, for my starter, I had 'House Smoked Pastrami, Healey's Cheddar, Piccalilli, Caper Sultana'.

If first impressions are what matter most, I was already hooked. This dish was so tasty, thinking about it now is making me hunger for it. And look how prettily it was presented.

My mom had 'Citrus-Cured Salmon, Red Wine Poached Pear, Num-Num Gastrique, Spiced Almonds' as her starter.

I don't usually enjoy almonds. But I tasted a few pieces of toasted almond from my mom's starter and loved it.

It was a little harder to choose a main, all of the exotic, appealing titles vying for my attention. In the end, I went with my original choice. 'Cider Braised Pork Belly, Roasted Beetroot, Carrot Puree, Caramelized Apples'. My mouth is watering from just typing the title...and I'm not joking.

The main was delicious and filling. The pieces of what looks like folds of polystyrene on top are crackling, which was brilliant. It was absolutely yum.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the main my mom ate. But here comes the best part: dessert.
I ordered 'Gingerbread Spiced Cheesecake, Candied Ginger, Honeycomb Ice-Cream'.

This. Was. So. Good. Wow.

My mom went for 'Chocolate Eton Mess'.

Which, as you can see, was art on a plate. As well as being delectable.

The garden was perfect, and the sky so blue...I'm grateful for what a good day it was. Spending time with my mom alone can be tricky with so many other people in the house all the time, but when we do manage, it's great.

13 Aug 2015

Interview I: O Williams

Disclaimer: Before I continue with this interview, I have an apology to make. In my last post I promised a post on explorations in the Cape. I have a good explanation for not delivering on this. The weather on the day we were going turned out to be rainy, droopy and overcast. I took very few photos, and none of them were as good as I'd hoped for.
So, that was slightly disappointing. Ah well, sometimes, c'est la vie.

Hey, everyone. Hope you're having a great Thursday. The weekend is creeping closer, so smile.

I've decided on starting an interview series (Which may or may not prevail over my seeming inability to continue with these sorts of things. We'll see.) and my first interview is with the brilliant Olivia (O Williams) from Life as a Young Lady. She's smart, and she's got funk, so I'm sure you will enjoy her answers to my questions.

/ / /

How old are you? Fifteen years old which is honestly so weird to say and I can't believe my next birthday will be my sixteenth like help.

What is your middle name? (If you have one) It's classified, sorry! But it's handed down from my family (just like my first name) so I like it ^^

Are you a quiet, shy thinker, or a loud, outgoing person? (Maybe a bit of both?) 
I'm definitely the quiet and shy thinker; when I'm with a group of people, I just "hold up the wall" as they say and observe people and have thoughts about them and me and stuff. I rarely say a word when I'm with a group of people.

Do you enjoy sports and adventurous outings, or do you prefer things like literature and photography? 
Literature and photography, for sure. Outside scares me (literally) and I'm just a complete fail at sports and all sports-related things.

Favourite sweet food? 
Oh, man. I guess...cupcakes. But I love donuts too. And cookies. And just everything dessert-y.

Favourite savoury food? 
Oh, man. These questions are making me so hungry. Um...oh, man. I just love food so much. I can't even answer this one. I love too many foods.

Number of siblings? 
Just one, thank goodness. One is definitely enough; he's got enough sass to make up for about five siblings.

What makes you happy most of all? 
Thinking about God and how we all have second chances. And I love to think about how He made everything; like I may love bands and pretty photography and poetry and books and movies but God gave us the mental ability to make those things and to communicate with other people and I think that truly shows His omnipotence.

What intimidates you most in the society we live in today? 
Just everything haha. Every time I stare a fellow human in the face I just panic like "omg they already don't like me and they haven't even heard my name yet"

Favourite blogs and/or sites?
Your blog is of course beautiful.​ A Free Mind is super relatable, Eve of Womanhood has simply gorgeous photography, Random Rants by Rcubed is hilarious, and The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life is just amazing.

What does blogging mean to you? 
blogging (v.) something you do when you waNT TO USE ALL CAPS​, ​force music on people (psst *pushes you twenty one pilots album*) and ​discus​s future Marvel movies (but tbh I don't know if I'm more excited for Marvel or DC...like Civil War and Deadpool sound like they're gonna be awesome but Suicide Squad looks sooo good like I don't know--wait. Not the time Olivia, not the time.)

What is the story behind your website's name?
I wanted a blog name that started with a letter from my name. I put the "young lady" phrase which everyone had been using in reference to me together with the "life" to make it start with a letter from my name and ta-da! (Wow yeah that was a boring story.)

Do you have any all time favourite songs, movies, or books? (Name as many as you like)
Oh wow. This list could get long. I'll try to keep it brief, though. 
Songs: Impossible acoustic cover by James Arthur; piano versions of Chandelier and Elastic Heart ​by Sia; acoustic version of Cool Kids by Echosmith; Skinny Love cover by Birdy, Background by Lecrae, The A Team by Ed Sheeran, Safe by Britt Nicole, and See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.
Movies: Captain America: the Winter Soldier, Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, To Kill a Mockingbird, Akeelah and the Bee, Roots, Tangled, Toy Story 3, Inside Out...there are way way more but I can't think of them all right now.
Books: When You Reach Me, all of The Chronicles of Narnia, all of A Series of Unfortunate Events, all of The Secret Series, all of The Hunger Games but especially Catching Fire, The Dark Unwinding, Hattie Big Sky, Monument 14, and loooots of others that I can't remember at the moment.

Which bloggers inspire you most and why?
Of course you, as well as Autumn, Rose, Mackenzie, and Cally--the photography and writing in their (and your) blogs ​are just very beautiful.

What goals, dreams and ambitions do you have? (Even if they are small)
I'd really love to write, direct, and produce my own original studio film (yeah, I know, that one's a long shot.) If I don't do that when I grow up, I guess I​'d like to continue blogging (on an advanced level of course) and be a book editor at a publishing company as my "real job".

3 Aug 2015

July Days

Alright, this post is late. July has passed and it's August. The last month of Winter. (Or Summer, you know, depending on which side of the world you live) But I wanted to publish my July catch up post even if I didn't quite get there on time to actually write it during July.
With August has come a surprising burst of warm weather, and we're only three days into the month. It's like summer is reminding us that it's just around the corner. Which I am happy about, although I'll probably long for cooler weather once it gets here. However, I suspect a cold front is approaching. It would explain the weirdness of the warmth in the breeze and the sun that has been beating down in hot rays.



+ painting numerous watercolor patterns because it's just so much fun

+ reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and another book of hers, The Girl You Left Behind (They are really good books)
+ studying Revelations in the Bible (God says that His people die for lack of knowledge, and I refuse to remain uneducated when the Bible sits there full of information that He Himself has provided for us)
+ walking all over the mall and checking out the 75%, 50% and 25% sales (Currently, they are everywhere. End of season sales)
+ watching Inside Out at the cinema
+ eating burgers and Mcflurries from Mcdonalds with my older sister because she is on leave for three weeks (Her leave ends tomorrow, but I don't want to think about that)
+ finding the perfect lightweight, grey dress (And what do you know, it was on sale)

+ getting irritated with my phone and myself because I have no storage space left (I'm sentimental, okay, and I can't bring myself to delete any of the 1,852 photos on my phone)
+ lettering more typography, which has become like a drug to me

+ spending far too much time on Pinterest
+ trying to finish up with my blog design; I already have everything planned out in my head, I know how I want it all to be, and I need to quit my procrastinating ways
+ staying up late (Stupidly) and watching Legally Blonde and John Tucker Must Die with my sister (She's a bad influence)
+ going out for lunch with my mom to this extraordinarily beautiful and fancy restaurant where my sister works as a huge treat (That little fact is actually a hint. A blog post on our trip there could possibly be coming soon)
+ swapping interviews with Olivia at Life as a Young Lady (Also coming soon. I'm starting an interview series, guys...I'll give you more info when I get there)
+ purchasing cute earrings (On sale!)

+ discovering that I can still climb trees, even if I am slightly rusty
bonus: + putting up paper lanterns in my room


P.S. Tomorrow my family and I are adventuring. We'll be visiting wine farms around/in the Cape, and hopefully I'll come back with a million photos and a post that's ready to be published before the end of the week. And one more thing: forgive me for the awful quality of some of the pictures in this post. I'll do better next time.

30 Jul 2015

How Amazing

I was watching a
sun sink into the sky,
as cool fingers of wind stroked my cheeks.
The strip of
that was the ocean from a distance
slowly turned
the whole world shifting its
the mountains peaks in jagged
Soon, it was
the distant city
came out and
the sky that stretched above
me was a deep, velvet
marked with a drifting
moon and dotted with

I thought to myself,

23 Jul 2015

When Blogging: Allow Time To Grow

For awhile, a few weeks back, I found myself fearing the fact that I couldn't seem to fit my blog into a category. I was asking myself, alright, so what is your site's theme? From then on I began to question Fifth out of Ten and what it stood for. Beauty/fashion? No. Food or DIY? Uh-uh. Lifestyle? Not really. Travel? Nope. Fitness? Okay, that one is laughable, and the answer is definitely no.
Which brought me to this last question, why do I blog and what for? I'll admit that not being able to label my blog worried me, just a little.

But now I kind of think it's quite funny, how that even managed to disturb me.

If you've experienced the same issue as me, or even if you haven't, here's what I think.
Do you blog? Then take my advice, write or post about whatever the heck you want to. It can be anything. As long as it's you. Slowly, you'll find your blog shaping itself, forming into what it's meant to be. Wait for it to happen. It will end up how it's supposed to be, it will be centered around the things you care about, think about, talk about. If you're into fitness, or DIY or fashion or writing and poetry, then that is what your blog will become. Let it evolve and change into something. And then be happy with the outcome, because it will be what was inside of you all along.

I've come to the conclusion that there are ways to find parts of yourself through writing. At least, that's what I feel. Expression is vital in the case of discovering our identities. Our blogs come from us, they flow from our minds and souls. Blog for yourself. (Oh, and of course, I like to blog for Jesus. But do you understand what I'm saying?)

And grant your blog freedom and time to grow, instead of forcing it into containment. Don't allow your blog to be stubbed by the standards and expectancies thrown at it. Also, remember that change is not always bad, your website can benefit from it beautifully.

Lastly, if you really want to title the essence of your blog, try this one on for size: You. Just you, as you are. It's enough.

Post script: I hope you did not find this post yawn worthy. Can you relate at all? I mean, it made me a bit anxious to think that maybe I'm the only 'lost blogger' at first, but then I realized that there are probably others who have dealt or are dealing with the same thing. Let me know your thoughts on this post in a comment below- I absolutely love hearing from you guys. You're a bunch of lovely, talented and unique individuals. I'm grateful to have you people around, you are what makes blogging so fabulous. Thank you for 151 followers. x

22 Jul 2015


When her eyes glittered with crystalline tears, his own eyes were dry as he pretended not to be the reason she was crying. When she fell into the chasm, his arms were not long enough to reach her. When her chest almost stopped rising and her breath almost stopped flowing, he was gone, long distances away. She was left, counting the times he'd let her down.

and now he's back, and asking to stay,
but she knows she can't let the same
person who broke down the walls of
her heart in again, because her soul
is just barely patched now, and
she has found somebody else
who wants to make her feel whole
once more, and she cannot tear 
down the gates she's just built
to let a raider in.


[Raider; synonyms: attacker, assailant, robber, burglar, thief, housebreaker, plunderer, pillager, looter, marauder, ransacker, sacker, invader.]

16 Jul 2015

7 reasons to be happier

One: You are much more valuable than you think you are. There is no single human on this planet that is the same as you. You are an intricate, dazzling creation.
Read a few verses here.

Two: Food. Food is wonderful, but you probably don't need me to tell you that, since you already know. Seriously, though. what if food was just a flavourless substance that we only ate to stay alive?
I'm currently loving this recipe.

Three: Whatever you're going through, whatever you've been through, whatever is to come, remember this: even the worst things we experience in life come to an end. Hold on, hold on. And don't be afraid to feel triumphant when you make it.
Think about things you like, things that make you feel better, whenever you're struggling with depression pangs. Like the things on this list.

Four: Jesus. He is, He was and He is to come. When you can't breathe and it feels like you're dying, reach for Him and He will resurrect you with His strength.
Listen to this song, and maybe this one.

Five: Hugs exist. And they are (usually) warm, and they are (usually) soft and they are (usually) free. Hug someone if you are cranky. It helps.
Check out this article: The Physiological Benefits of Hugging. I wasn't kidding. It really, actually helps.

Six: You are alive. You are in this world filled with opportunities and chances and people.
View this pin on Pinterest.

Seven: You have made me happier by reading this. so go ahead and feel good now.
Chin up, buttercup.

13 Jul 2015

two lovely occurrences

Today, we received the first snow of the season. We don't really get much, and it usually only snows on the mountain tops. But it is so, so beautiful, when it caps the tips and peaks in a coat of uneven white. I wish you had all been able to stand there with me and see it with your own eyes. The photos cannot do such a sight justice. How many of you currently living underneath a hot sun would trade for this? Do you prefer winter or summer? I personally struggle to choose between the two. They each have their own qualities and perks. They both offer things to be savoured when they're around, while they last for several months at a time.

Also, something else exciting happened. I saw Nine. One of my kindred spirits. A beaut with a golden soul that has always been there for me. I know her by her exquisite eyes and exquisite hair and exquisite smile, and by her compassionate, uniquely aesthetic spirit. It was the second time I've seen her in 'real life' and it was perfect. (Our friendship started off as a cyber friendship, until we finally met for the first time twenty two weeks ago)

I love. That. Smile. 

And then there's me. Rocking an awkward pose. Yeah, no. (Photo credits go to Nine for this pic)

The view we have from our veranda is like, wow. Nine and I both agreed that we could gaze at it for almost forever without getting tired of it.
I'm filled with happiness whenever I remember the good things that took place today. Other things I haven't talked about also contributed to an exceptional Monday. Blessed, blessed, blessed goes through my head over and over again.

How was your Monday?