9 Jul 2014

the real you

I look into your eyes, I can see your disguise. And I can tell, oh, oh, oh, you don’t want me to know. No, no, no…
You don’t want me to know, to ever know the real you. You don’t want to tell me, all you’ve been through. But I want you to know, you can share them with me, all of those secrets you keep, all those things that hurt badly, things that keep you from sleep.
You don’t feel worth the effort, of me listening to you, about all those things that hurt.
But what you don’t know, is that I do want to know. I want to know you. I promise you’re worth that, and so much more. You should tell your story, let it out and let it be.
I look into those eyes, and see that disguise. I know you put on your smile and tell yourself to hold on a while. But past all your braveness, you’re even more precious. 
Sometimes, when you let down your guard, I can see through the mask, and I see the broken sadness inside.
And I know how it is, I've been through pain too. But you don’t have to hide anymore, not from me, I want to know the real you.
Beautiful, real, you...

It might be poetry, because I did rhyme here and there, but it might not be. Let's call it a story. A story that happens all the time in the world, someone hiding their true self. Don't do it...we make mistakes, and we learn, and by the glory of God, we are forgiven. Let people know that you have also been damaged (even if it's albeit a little) in life, but you have been healed and loved by your Father in heaven. Let people know the real you, for who you are, who God has been forming you to be - and most of all, let them know that this is not it, this is not the finished product. God is working on you and with you.
We all still have a long way to go. Don't fake being someone else all the way.
 For me, it is the person I am through God that I want to show. That is who I want to be the real me.
And I encourage you to be the real you.


  1. This was beautiful, Tane - really beautiful... Lots of love to you, Kelly-Anne. Xx

  2. Lovely. I can't believe how you do this. They're so lovely! Well done.

  3. Wow
    Tane your poetry and you are Amazing!
    Well done and keep up the good work.
    Lots of love,
    Nyah Xxx


  4. Soo lovely!! How do you write so beautifully? Always love your posts. <3

    1. Ag, Cindy, you flatter me. Thank you so much, darling. xx Can I just put this out there quickly- YOU are an amazing writer, ya know.

  5. This is so beautiful, you actually made me cry. Real, wet, tears.

    1. Nine, youuu knowww how to make my heart sing. Thank you, gorgeous.


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