1 Jul 2014

Challenging myself to take more photos...

I've realized that I have not been posting a lot of photos lately, or, not my own photos. And I was looking at two of my boards on Pinterest today, (here, and here), admiring the amazing ideas and photography, when I decided what I'd challenge myself to do...
...here's an example.

On my Beautiful Inspiration board, I had pinned this:

My thoughts when I see pictures like this and others similar, are: Oh my goodness, so beautiful, wish I could take pics like that.
Then it occurred to me, and don't laugh because it took awhile (I can be so slow). I can take pics like that (or similar). So, I have challenged myself to do a blog post with every week with a picture I was inspired by (from Pinterest) and a picture that I take, my own pic.
For this week, the inspiration is the pic above. Here, below, is the inspired pic, my own pic.

So...what do you think? Those birds swoop around our house often, and make spirals in the air, working together. They are amazing.
The mountains in the background are called the Hottentots Hollands here in Somerset-West, South Africa, and are a part of our view. I took this picture this morning, on our veranda, with my iPhone 4S. Then, I sent it to myself, and edited it in Photoshop CS2. 
Here is the pic that has only been edited by my iPhone:

It was a lot of fun, arranging this challenge for myself. It's going to be even more fun, going through with it. I'll take inspirational photos from my board, and try and shoot one similar, but with my own photographer skills. I don't think I'll push myself to get it 'exactly' the same, just try and make it similar. 
Wish me luck, and remind me to get it done every week! I think I'll call it my Inspirational Photo Challenge, so, if you're interested to follow me as I do it, just look for the post titles that say something like that.

P.S. I don't know how long I will be doing this for...I might stop abruptly, and then continue after awhile...I just want to try it, and so I will. ♥♥♥


  1. That is a beautiful picture you took! :)


  2. Oh this is such a wonderful idea!!! (I actually like your photo better than the pinterest one!)

    1. Aww, Brooke, I'm so happy now! That was so nice of you to say, thanks very much!

  3. You take such beautiful pictures, Tane! So talented. :)

  4. Wow! Tane, such a stunning photograph - I love how you captured the birds against the mountains like that... And the colour is amazing:). Lots of love to you sweet friend! Kelly

    1. Oh, thanks SO much, Kelly, you always deliver wonderful comments.

    2. Thanks, Kelly, my friend! ♥♥♥

  5. I love this!! The photo you took is MUCH better than the one from Pinterest! Seriously :)


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