20 Jul 2014

You and I (not a One Direction song)

OK, so, as you can see above, this post is not on a One Direction song. Though, surprisingly, I do like their song, 'You and I'...
Back to the point. I'm so sorry I've been absent of late, it has been busy-- but I never, ever, want to stop blogging, and I keep lagging. Lagging, like, falling behind in the blogging world, because, um, other things took up a few slightly empty spaces in my life, and then grew bigger until they were squeezing blogging out of it's own space.
I made a poem to apologize. :) (If it's a good enough apology?) Oh, and don't worry, a lot of people would think that I'm depressed when they read this poem, but I'm really, really, not. I was just letting my creativity wander about the place...sort of...well, I enjoyed myself, and I hope you enjoy this poem.


You and I

When you fall
you blame the person to your side
You set up walls
then ask me why I don’t step inside

I’m tired of
I don’t get
I don’t know
But yet
I can’t let go of you

You dress in black
you shout at those who clothe in white
Your hands are slack
you shout at those who take off the night

And I want to leave
I just don’t get
But you're like my shadow
And I just can't let go

Sometimes you can really shine
I start thinking it’s gonna be the start of a change
But after awhile it fades to grime
and then I’m left feeling indecisive and strange

Why rise so high
only to drop
Why go so far
only to stop

Oh, why start writing the story
when finished it will never be

Yes, you know
that I don’t get you
I may be a little slow
but it’s been so long
since I met you-
and I still don’t get you

The thing that worries me most
is that I am something I don’t want to be
Maybe I’m only holding on
only, only because you remind me of me

If you and I are the same
I guess we both take the blame
Both of us can clearly see
that we are who we shouldn’t be

It’s a perfect fit
because when I look in the mirror
what I see in it
is too hard for me to figure out
I don’t get it

The mist has finally cleared away
and I know today will be the day
I finally realize
I see who’s eyes
I’m looking into
and it’s not you
It’s me-
a perfect reflection
of me.

I don’t get

I don’t know
I want to leave
But I can’t let go
I cannot let go
of me-
not while there is still
a chance.
I know
there is a chance.


  1. This is such a beautiful poem Tane :)

  2. The poem you wrote is beautiful!

  3. I haven't had much time for writing either. Just take your time and just enjoy yourself, things will get better.

    1. Thank you very much, Hannah, that was quite encouraging.

  4. oh you're forgiven, because that poem was. just. so. beautiful. <3
    xo. pris
    rainbows and dreams

  5. Wow...you are a truly gifted writer. keep up the good work!♥♥ I'm an old follower, I though I was still following you and then I saw I wasn't getting your post. never fear I am back following.

    p.s as cool as your 'explore more of my blog' is I can't quite read through it, just though to let you know.

    1. Thank you so much, Tinyde! Oh, and don't worry about not reading through that, it's okay to only use it for specific purposes.

  6. gotta tell you, miss tane. that is some poem. so well written. I love how it all comes together like loose threads to make something beautiful (I changed my blog address too - vickiedoodles.blogspot.com


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