18 Jan 2015

Psalm 16:8

| Psalm 16:8 | typography is now right up there with drawing and writing for me. I love it.

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In this chaotic, crazy world, He is my rock, my stronghold, and I will hold onto Him with everything I've got.
What would I do without Him? Well, I'm a fish, and He's the ocean.
I wouldn't survive. It's as simple as that.

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post note: I've decided (keeping all the input you guys gave me in mind) to put off redesigning my blog until a quieter time in my life. I look forward to it- but also, I'm content with my current design.

6 Jan 2015

Thinking of a new look...

I've never been very decisive and my mind is always restless with new ideas and visions. I get these sudden creative sparks that push me to make something beautiful, something new. I notice trends and want to follow the ones that I like. I'm constantly inspired by other bloggers and their abilities. 

It's for these reasons that I think I will be redesigning my blog again- soon. Soon, but not too soon.

I just want to know your thoughts.
Please, be my guest, and voice your opinion in a comment below.

I can't wait to hear what you think.

4 Jan 2015

Enter; 2015

It's a fresh year.
It looks good.
It smells new.
It tastes of new chances.
It feels like: begin again.

I want to look forward. Because, looking backwards, although involving nostalgia and fond memories, it can also make me cringe a little. Here and there. You know?
So, here is my favorite quote for this new year. Not that anyone has even said it was related to the New Year at all.
Just because I think it's a perfect thought to think of as we start 2015.Sometimes.

Make more beautiful memories to look back on, darling. 
And don't dwell on the bad things of the past.
It's a brand new year.

Here I Am

I've been gone long. Too long. I've received plenty of emails and comments questioning my absence and telling me that I'm missed. (To all who did let me know that they missed me, thank you, it means so much. Really, it does)
And, this is really bad- I left plenty of blogs un-designed before I retreated- and plenty emails unanswered. I'm really sorry...this seems to be a cycle, doesn't it? I leave, for long, without finishing all the blog design orders, and then I come back, apologize and pick up from where I left off.
But I'm kicking this New Year off with a very strong desire to stay in touch with the blogging world, to continue my blog designing (Yes, to all who were requesting my blog designing services, I hope to get there soon, I won't ignore you) and to not leave my readers hanging again.
Speaking of the new year, 2015, how was your New Years day? And Christmas? Heck, how has your holiday been so far? I've been absent so long. It's time to catch up with everyone.
Go ahead and expect more posts and activity here. I'm gonna make that happen.
And thanks for being my blogger friends, guys.