30 Jul 2015

How Amazing

I was watching a
sun sink into the sky,
as cool fingers of wind stroked my cheeks.
The strip of
that was the ocean from a distance
slowly turned
the whole world shifting its
the mountains peaks in jagged
Soon, it was
the distant city
came out and
the sky that stretched above
me was a deep, velvet
marked with a drifting
moon and dotted with

I thought to myself,

23 Jul 2015

When Blogging: Allow Time To Grow

For awhile, a few weeks back, I found myself fearing the fact that I couldn't seem to fit my blog into a category. I was asking myself, alright, so what is your site's theme? From then on I began to question Fifth out of Ten and what it stood for. Beauty/fashion? No. Food or DIY? Uh-uh. Lifestyle? Not really. Travel? Nope. Fitness? Okay, that one is laughable, and the answer is definitely no.
Which brought me to this last question, why do I blog and what for? I'll admit that not being able to label my blog worried me, just a little.

But now I kind of think it's quite funny, how that even managed to disturb me.

If you've experienced the same issue as me, or even if you haven't, here's what I think.
Do you blog? Then take my advice, write or post about whatever the heck you want to. It can be anything. As long as it's you. Slowly, you'll find your blog shaping itself, forming into what it's meant to be. Wait for it to happen. It will end up how it's supposed to be, it will be centered around the things you care about, think about, talk about. If you're into fitness, or DIY or fashion or writing and poetry, then that is what your blog will become. Let it evolve and change into something. And then be happy with the outcome, because it will be what was inside of you all along.

I've come to the conclusion that there are ways to find parts of yourself through writing. At least, that's what I feel. Expression is vital in the case of discovering our identities. Our blogs come from us, they flow from our minds and souls. Blog for yourself. (Oh, and of course, I like to blog for Jesus. But do you understand what I'm saying?)

And grant your blog freedom and time to grow, instead of forcing it into containment. Don't allow your blog to be stubbed by the standards and expectancies thrown at it. Also, remember that change is not always bad, your website can benefit from it beautifully.

Lastly, if you really want to title the essence of your blog, try this one on for size: You. Just you, as you are. It's enough.

Post script: I hope you did not find this post yawn worthy. Can you relate at all? I mean, it made me a bit anxious to think that maybe I'm the only 'lost blogger' at first, but then I realized that there are probably others who have dealt or are dealing with the same thing. Let me know your thoughts on this post in a comment below- I absolutely love hearing from you guys. You're a bunch of lovely, talented and unique individuals. I'm grateful to have you people around, you are what makes blogging so fabulous. Thank you for 151 followers. x

22 Jul 2015


When her eyes glittered with crystalline tears, his own eyes were dry as he pretended not to be the reason she was crying. When she fell into the chasm, his arms were not long enough to reach her. When her chest almost stopped rising and her breath almost stopped flowing, he was gone, long distances away. She was left, counting the times he'd let her down.

and now he's back, and asking to stay,
but she knows she can't let the same
person who broke down the walls of
her heart in again, because her soul
is just barely patched now, and
she has found somebody else
who wants to make her feel whole
once more, and she cannot tear 
down the gates she's just built
to let a raider in.


[Raider; synonyms: attacker, assailant, robber, burglar, thief, housebreaker, plunderer, pillager, looter, marauder, ransacker, sacker, invader.]

16 Jul 2015

7 reasons to be happier

One: You are much more valuable than you think you are. There is no single human on this planet that is the same as you. You are an intricate, dazzling creation.
Read a few verses here.

Two: Food. Food is wonderful, but you probably don't need me to tell you that, since you already know. Seriously, though. what if food was just a flavourless substance that we only ate to stay alive?
I'm currently loving this recipe.

Three: Whatever you're going through, whatever you've been through, whatever is to come, remember this: even the worst things we experience in life come to an end. Hold on, hold on. And don't be afraid to feel triumphant when you make it.
Think about things you like, things that make you feel better, whenever you're struggling with depression pangs. Like the things on this list.

Four: Jesus. He is, He was and He is to come. When you can't breathe and it feels like you're dying, reach for Him and He will resurrect you with His strength.
Listen to this song, and maybe this one.

Five: Hugs exist. And they are (usually) warm, and they are (usually) soft and they are (usually) free. Hug someone if you are cranky. It helps.
Check out this article: The Physiological Benefits of Hugging. I wasn't kidding. It really, actually helps.

Six: You are alive. You are in this world filled with opportunities and chances and people.
View this pin on Pinterest.

Seven: You have made me happier by reading this. so go ahead and feel good now.
Chin up, buttercup.

13 Jul 2015

two lovely occurrences

Today, we received the first snow of the season. We don't really get much, and it usually only snows on the mountain tops. But it is so, so beautiful, when it caps the tips and peaks in a coat of uneven white. I wish you had all been able to stand there with me and see it with your own eyes. The photos cannot do such a sight justice. How many of you currently living underneath a hot sun would trade for this? Do you prefer winter or summer? I personally struggle to choose between the two. They each have their own qualities and perks. They both offer things to be savoured when they're around, while they last for several months at a time.

Also, something else exciting happened. I saw Nine. One of my kindred spirits. A beaut with a golden soul that has always been there for me. I know her by her exquisite eyes and exquisite hair and exquisite smile, and by her compassionate, uniquely aesthetic spirit. It was the second time I've seen her in 'real life' and it was perfect. (Our friendship started off as a cyber friendship, until we finally met for the first time twenty two weeks ago)

I love. That. Smile. 

And then there's me. Rocking an awkward pose. Yeah, no. (Photo credits go to Nine for this pic)

The view we have from our veranda is like, wow. Nine and I both agreed that we could gaze at it for almost forever without getting tired of it.
I'm filled with happiness whenever I remember the good things that took place today. Other things I haven't talked about also contributed to an exceptional Monday. Blessed, blessed, blessed goes through my head over and over again.

How was your Monday?


10 Jul 2015

invisible lines

tried to find your voice
but it slipped away
you're always on the edge
of saying what you want to say

you wanted to
and you attempted to
over and over again
but it's always, always the same
kept behind the
invisible lines
time and time again

you want to let 
your thoughts be known
but you stay in check
because you're so worried
about what they all think

but I think that
maybe someday
you'll be brave enough to ask
the questions that scare people
and the words that are
engraved in your heart
the words that have begged
to fall out of your mouth
will finally


1 Jul 2015

is my life supposed to look like this?

"Inhale the future, exhale the past." // 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 - Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

I get caught up in the chaos. As if having a mind that has too many tabs open, all the time, isn't enough, other obstacles that I didn't see coming or ask for come my way. They ruin my schedules, they ruin my carefully thought out plans, they turn my emotional state into a hurricane of panic and exasperation and resentment, which causes me to comfort eat.
Before I go on, let me make a quick point here: I already eat too much. Minus the comfort eating.

It comes to the end of one of those confounded days that have been hit by an unexpected bomb of disorder, and I find myself wondering, is life supposed to look or feel or be this messed up?

And then comes that small, inferior voice in the back of my mind, whispering, yes, if you allow it to.
Because, I guess, a small part of me knows the truth.

I can leave it all alone and go to bed. I can give thanks for what I do have and what did go well, and I can forget about what didn't. It's a choice. I can choose not to dwell on the last 24 hours that didn't go the way I wanted them to. There will be more days to live through, and there have been plenty I've already lived through. And honestly? All in all? The good outweighs the bad.
As for the negativity that I thought was clinging to me instead of the other way around, I can just stop carrying it around with me. I can let go, let it fall, and walk away, without waiting to hear the thud of it hitting the ground. Tomorrow is always a fresh day. A day in which no mistakes have yet been made, in which there are new possibilities and an opportunity to have a grateful, uplifting outlook, and to just try again.

We all have that choice.