16 Mar 2015

step forward

"That's crazy."

So, it is. That's okay. 

Listen, a little bit of crazy is a good thing.

You know that outfit you were a little too afraid to wear, because, you know, what will they think- isn't it a little too out there?
You know that hairstyle you liked, the one that you quickly undid, because, you know, no one puts their hair up like that, do they?
You know that sentence you almost blurted out, but then decided to bite your tongue at the last moment, because, you know, wouldn't that have been a stupid thing to say?
You know that thing you almost did, before someone else doubted you and made you back down, because, you know, who were you to try something new, something out of your comfort zone, something no one else thought you'd be able to do? You'd probably just screw it up anyway, wouldn't you? 

So, just keep quiet. Don't voice what you think or feel.
Stay back. Yes, that's where you belong, there at the back.
Don't step over the line. It's there, can't you see it?

Stop. The world has damaged your thinking, our thinking. The world has forced you into a shape you don't fit in.

The line? You know what? You made it up with your own mind. It's a figment of your imagination. It's not there. You're hallucinating. Just step forward. Stop standing still.
Doesn't that feel crazy? To break through your own boundaries? Boundaries that society taught you to build.

But like I said. A little bit of crazy is a good thing.

I want you to find yourself. Somewhere inside you've locked that person behind bars, and you lost the key. I'm telling you to get it back, to go looking for it. Okay? Because I want you to set yourself free.

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