29 Apr 2014

don't be afraid to dance

You want to do it. You know you might be able to get it right. But the courage just isn't with you...what if they laugh, or what if something goes wrong? You'll be forever branded with it, won't you? Maybe it's better not to try at all. You don't have to take the chance after all.

Let me tell you, that's something I struggle to not listen to. It's thrown at me constantly by myself mentally, whenever I think of taking a chance, whenever I think of trying something new.
But the thing is, I've finally come to learn - taking the chance and failing feels so much better than not taking the chance at all. And even then, taking a chance does not always lead to failing. There are many triumphs to be made.
So don't be afraid to dance like nobody is watching. If you fall, it's okay, you can still get up again. It's not impossible to pick yourself up.

Don't be afraid to take the chance, darling.

23 Apr 2014

the wind is free

Hello, my lovely readers. First off, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. He is risen!
And next- here is another poem. About one of my favorite things. (btw: I have a lot of favorite things)

the wind blows hard 
howling and whispering at the same time
I’m sure it’s calling me
and I wish I could go with the wind
and I’m wishing as hard as the wind is blowing.
somehow I think that if I just believe…

wherever it’s going
I want the wind to take me.
and I don’t know where it’s going
but I do know why I want to go too

the wind is free
the wind is wild
the wind knows how to sing
the wind has been everywhere
and seen everything

the wind is free
and that’s what I want
for me.

when the wind is sad
it flies soft and low
letting out melancholy notes
moving so slow.

when the wind is happy
it whips against the leaves in the trees
and skims across the ocean
lifting waves
and making the whole world
move in harmony
swaying ever so gently.

when the wind is angry
you can feel something in the air
it feels like danger and storms
and when the wind hits your face
it stings with cold

when the wind is full of passion
it blows hard, so hard
it could lift you off your feet and carry you away
but somehow it doesn't
it leaves you with just a taste
of how strong that passion is.
it leaves you wanting more
of that exhilarating feeling
that comes with passionate wind.

I want to fly with the wind
I want to go to the heights that the wind has gone
I want to zoom across skyscrapers
to swerve between tall trees
to pass over mountain tops
to put light feathers in the air
and watch them swirl

wherever it’s going
I want the wind to take me.
and I don’t know where it’s going
but I do know why I want to go too

the wind is free
the wind is strong
the wind is here
and the wind is gone
the wind can touch clouds
without breaking them
the wind knows just when
to give a sailboat a push
or give a bird it’s wings

the wind is free
so free
and that’s what I want
for me.


feeling f r e e,
Tane ♥

17 Apr 2014

I'm nothing without Him

Hi. I asked my followers what they would like me to post more of, and most of them said poetry. So here is an old poem of mine that I posted on my previous blog. (edited just a *little*) :)

When I stare out the window at the rain
And that helpless feeling grips again
I know You know I just want to give up
I know You know I’m not sure who to turn to
But then you let me know
I can always turn to You

When I don't know what to do
Everything is in a mess
Nothing makes sense
And I want to cry
Somehow you let me know
You are always there for me

There seems to be no answer to my frustration
Or my confusion that’s sitting over there
And I’m sure that somewhere around here
Roams my huge amount of despair
But just when I think it's helpless
You show me it's not

I’m like paper in a fire
Burning fast
I’m like Yesterday
Still living in the past

But then you tell me that you love me
And I feel like smiling again

I’m like a daisy
On a night of frost
Frozen cold,
My petals fall

But then you tell me that you love me
And a happy feeling sinks in

I know that without You I am nothing
I owe it all to you, my Lord, my King

10 Apr 2014


I said, "Oh my, what a marvelous tune"
It was the best night, never would forget how we moved.
The whole place was dressed to the nines,
And we were dancing, dancing
Like we're made of starlight
Like we're made of starlight

I love Taylor Swift's song, "Starlight". And with me, if I love something, it usually means fan-art time.
For those of you who haven't heard the song...Click here to listen to it on YouTube.
So I made a design with her quote from the song, "Like we're made of starlight." Here's the result.

I got the background (changed it quite a bit in Photoshop) from Nasa, they offer royalty free images. Look it up and you could use a few yourself. 
Mind giving your thoughts on it? I'd love to know what you think.
I especially like these lines in her song:

He said, "Look at you, worrying so much about things you can't change
You'll spend your whole life singing the blues if you keep thinking that way"
He was trying to skip rocks on the ocean, saying to me,
"Don't you see the starlight, starlight?
Don't you dream impossible things?"

And these five lines.

Ooh ooh he's talking crazy
Ooh ooh dancing with me
Ooh ooh we could get married
Have ten kids and teach them how to dream

Thank you for reading...you're wonderful.

Don't you dream impossible things?

4 Apr 2014


Life has been...
...enjoying the Autumn chill.
rainy. (sometimes happy about the rain, sometimes not)
me apologizing for being a bad blogger, and not being active...sorry for not posting for ages, people.
having a visit with one of my best friends that I hadn't seen for ages. (Elzé)
having weird dreams.
reading one my favorite book series all over again for maybe the third time. (Cat Royal series by Julia Golding)
reading Divergent. *smiles* I love it.

learning new things about blog designing.
having got another new beautiful notebook as a gift to add to my collection.
writing letters. (I reluctantly admit that I'm a bad penpal. Sorry to Braelyn, for not writing for so long, if you're reading this- your letter will be on it's way soon)
waiting to watch Catching Fire- hopefully.
Divergent (the movie) is finally out here in South Africa. *yay!* well, actually, I've only been waiting for it for a few days...wanna watch it. soon. I am not quite a person for standing suspense.
going to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the movies today.
waiting for the other two books that are sequels to Divergent. can't wait. I'm not the sort of person who has a lot of patience, either.
are you a Divergent fan?
trips to the mall.
playing pool.
lots of whey smoothies.
sunsets still as beautiful as ever.
sad because we have to move out of our rented house soon.
lots of baby guinea pigs. (I'll do a post on that after this)
being able to wear warm jackets that sometimes make me feel a little fuzzy inside on cold nights.
selling stickers...lots of stickers...especially of these two:

Aqua, Pink and Purple Doodled Pattern by Tangerine-Tane

Okay? Okay.  by Tangerine-Tane

thank you so much to God for blessing me with sales. :) I don't deserve any at all, yet He gives...He gives so much stuff / things / happiness to me...
enjoying the school holidays.
good food.
baking chocolate muffins.
reading Exodus in the Bible...

And that's what I've been up to. What have you been doing? I love hearing about you in your comments...so feel free to tell me about your dislikes & likes, movie watching, book reading, weather, anything, etc. Interactivity with other bloggers is one of my favorite things about being on blogger.