14 Mar 2014

I've Been Tagged - This or That

Hi, everyone. Hope you are all doing great...
I've been tagged by a sweet Ray of sunshine (Radiance) to do this tag, This or That.

Rules: Answer the questions given to you, give the people you nominate the same questions, nominate three people and let them know they've been tagged. (I totally understand if you would rather not do this tag- to the people who are tagged)

Radiance's questions:
Hair up or down? 
Answer: down.
Dessert or fruit?
Answer: I have such a sweet truth, so I'm not gonna lie... :) Dessert.
Dress or shirt and sweatpants? 
Answer: shirt and sweatpants.
One Direction or Jonas Brothers?
Answer: I've heard a song from both of them (not exactly a fan of either, since I've only heard one song) and I liked One Direction better.
Radio or iPod?
Answer: definitely my lovely little iPod.
Sleepover at your house or at a friend's house?
Answer: my house.
Cookies or apples?
Answer: hehe, like I said before, got a sweet tooth. Cookies.
Playing cards or painting?
Answer: that's quite a tough one...I think I'd prefer to be painting.
In a board game, would you rather be a green or a white piece?
Answer: oh, white piece please. <3

People I'm tagging:
(so sorry if you aren't on the list)

Hope you all have a great day.

13 Mar 2014


Hi there. :) If you read my post, 'My thoughts are stars..', then you will probably know that I like the book, 'The Fault in our Stars'. And I made some fan art yesterday...

So, what do you think? I'm selling it as iPhone cases, stickers, mugs, pillows, etc. I've already sold a mug. *yippee*
It's a pretty simple design, but if you've read the book, you'll get it. Oh, and, by the way...yay, my poll says that five stars for my blog is most voted. Thanks to the people who voted!
I'm really open to suggestions on what you guys what me to post at the moment. What would you like to see me write about? Or do you prefer photography posts? What about taking more sections from the Bible and using them as writing inspiration? And poetry- do you like it when I post poetry? I'd love to know.
Have an okay Thursday. <3
Feeling quite happy and in good spirits today,
Tane ♥

12 Mar 2014

He made you. you are beautiful.

I'm sure that all of us (or most of us) have felt ugly or fat before.
Felt like because of that, we aren't good enough. That you have to have flawless skin, perfect features and body to mean something. Recognize that little voice in your head- the one that tells you: you aren't beautiful ?
But wait. Wait just a minute. Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe in Him? It matters what He sees, not what the world says is beautiful. If you believe in Him, then stop that. Stop telling yourself that. I'm trying to stop as well.
Who knows what pretty or beautiful really is, anyway? We just go by the standards set for girls and woman these days, not really stopping to think that, hey, I might actually not be below beautiful- I am actually gorgeous, because I was fearfully and wonderfully made, in God's image.
You have a gift if you often remember to not set your thinking priorities in your head to say that you need to be more beautiful, if you know truly that God loves you and it doesn't matter what the world thinks as long as He is with you.
And we should know what real beauty is. The kind of beauty that matters to Jesus. It's in the Bible.

Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceptive, and beauty fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

We should devote our lives to Him, and always fear Him, but love Him with our whole heart. There's this line that you might have heard from one of Toby Mac's songs: I don't wanna gain the whole world, and lose my soul... (I think that's in the Bible as well). Anyway, part of what I'm trying to say is in that line.

1 Peter 3:3-4
Do not let your adorning be external- the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear - but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious.

PEOPLE. Wouldn't it be absolutely beautiful and amazing to have a imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit? Oh wow. I really want to be like that. And I have to say, girls who are like that are the girls everyone wants to be around. I love the people I've met who imitate that exact thing that is precious in God's sight. They're so beautiful. They make me really want to be more like them.

There's another place in the Bible, in Psalms I think, that says: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
That means you're wonderful. You are a work of His. He made you.
I am not trying to say you should stop trying to dress nicely, or never diet once in a while if you feel like it. Of course, you can do those things. But I think it is important to do your best to be what is pleasing in God's eyes as well. Let this world know you by His love.
Don't beat yourself down, and tell yourself that you aren't beautiful. Even before you were born He knew what you would look like. He has a plan for you and He loves you. 
You know what's beautiful? Read the first word of this sentence again.

11 Mar 2014

my thoughts are stars...


I recently read the book 'The Fault in our Stars'. It was a book worth reading. Sad, slightly confusing, and deeply moving. Made me cry. (If you've read this, you'll probably be thinking that you understand why I cried...)
The thing I liked most out of the book, is that Hazel (the main character) often pointed out a lot of true things.
My thoughts are stars, I can't fathom into constellations...
Yes. Yes...
I so often feel like that in my mind. Except, up until now, I didn't know how to put that feeling into words. And then, when I read that book, John Green put it into a sentence for me. I'm glad. And, yeah, that's all this post is really about. One of my new favorite quotes.
If you were to rate 'The Fault in our Stars' (assuming you've read it) out of five, what would you give it?

10 Mar 2014

thank you, Jesus

^Captured by Grace and edited by me.

I'm writing this post, not because I have something in particular I want to thank my amazing Jesus for. Unless, you count everything as something particular.
I want to thank Him for a warm bed at night, the one I snuggle into and fall asleep peacefully knowing He is protecting me, for the people I see everyday, the beautiful faces that I don't know how I could live without, for the internet that has opened a huge, wide range of possibilities for my future, for the way the wind blows through the dry leaves in Autumn leaving me with a breathless inside, a free heart, for the way the world pops with color, life and glory in the Spring, for the way He lets me know He will always be with me, for the way He grants prayers, for the rolling waves in the ocean, for all the love I get, for the full, gorgeous, happy feeling I get when I realize how much I have once in a while, for the sunsets I've seen, for the early mornings I've got up and started the day with, for a body that doesn't have a disease or sickness or injury, for books, oh books, for His creativity He's planted in me and in everyone, for Him being my friend when I feel like I have no one, for good tastes, for good textures, for big hugs, for words, for music, for the way I get a shiver that goes down my back while experiencing an awesome moment, for dreams, for sparkling lakes or rivers on a sunny dry farm that brings joy when visited, for sunshine and warmth, for being able to whistle a happy tune, for the city lights at night, for laughs and jokes, for holding hands and playing games, for lessons learned, for forgiving hearts, for beautiful hearts, for tears, for feelings that can't be explained, for stars, for dancing and singing under the light that shimmers through fruit tree leaves, for companionship, for swinging on a swing as I call out higher, for memories, for great big oak trees, for the other little things in life that are blessings.
For His undying love.
I admit I have a few tears in my eyes, while I type this up... Call me sappy if you like, but I won't lie, when it comes to realizing how much God has given me, I am a total sap.
Thank you, my awesome God.
And now I am going to read this out loud again, every time I need to thank Him for all of it. Of course I could never actually thank Him for everything, but I can thank Him for some.
Ready for another thank you? Thanks for reading this.

3 Mar 2014

In March (2014)

I will turn thirteen

I will finish making my own ceramic (a bowl)

I plan to either buy or get Divergent from the library and read it (nope...haven't read it)

I've already finished this lovely book, 'Angel Sister' by Ann H. Gabhart (click here to read about it)

I am enjoying Autumn, my favorite season that has just begun, and the one I was born in (yes, it's Autumn where I live)

I'll be working a lot more on my designing/coding, and might even start designing other blogs

I want to look for a ten day photo challenge on the internet, follow and finish it (know any?)

I want to make a cake and cover it with tons of gummy bears (click here to see my inspiration)

I'm going to be on goodreads a lot more often

I think I might do a book review on my blog sometime (the realization that I have never done a review just hit me recently)

I really want to bake a lot more this month

I'd like to concentrate on still life or nature pictures

I'm going to continue my search for a CD of Pharrel Williams'

I want to read the whole book of John in the Bible


What will you be doing in this month of March?
Thanks for reading.

2 Mar 2014

let yourself get lost

^My photograph.

It's okay to lose yourself for a little while. In books, in music, in art. Let yourself get lost. - Unkown

Hi. It's just me...over here in my own world, a world that is seen through my eyes and my perspective. No human being will ever see it the way I see it. And I won't see it they way they do. But God, He's up in heaven and He sees it all. He is down here as well. He is everywhere. He knows how I feel, what I think. He knows how I am when I let myself get lost for a little. He knows. Every fault, every wrong, every everything. He loves. He still loves me.

Imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul.

I read this quote the other day and thought... wow. Yeah, that would be cool. And then I realized... I've already met Him. He is Jesus. He knows pain. He knows unhappiness. He knows your pain and unhappiness.
He understands you. He understands me.

I have lacked inspiration for a post lately, so if this one is a little bit cajumbled, forgive me. :) So many things are running through my head and this is just what came out now. (quotes found on Pinterest)
So you go ahead and have lovely Sunday. And remember that it's okay to let yourself get lost now and then.

Feeling dreamy,
Tane ♥