30 Jun 2014

You Have My Heart {a poem}

^ Photo credit goes to my sister, Grace.

You have my heart
You hold it in your hands
You have my future
And all of my plans
You are the only one there
To catch me when I fall
You are the only one there
To start me up again when I stall

And something tells me
I can trust you, I can trust in you
And maybe it's the way you see
You see that we're all beautiful

I can trust You
You wiped my tears when I cried
So it must be true
You said and You have never lied
I put my trust in You

You have my heart in your hands
And something tells me
You will take care
You will hold it gently

I know because
When I was alone
 I didn't know what to do
There was no one
But there was you.

God loves us so much...some days, mostly on the worst days, a ray of God's brilliant love breaks through the clouds of depression and loneliness, into your day. And because of the contrast those dark clouds create, His love shines even brighter than you imagined.
Sometimes, when I really believed that I was alone in this world, I found Him waiting to hold me in His arms.
He never leaves us alone.

This poem was about the moment when you realize, someone really does love you with all of their heart, someone does care for you in the most beautiful way.
And, guess what? That just happens to be the Creator of this whole universe.


  1. This was beautiful! Truly beautiful! ♥ Your words are always so inspiring and.. I cant even describe how amazing. :}

    xxx. Kayla

    1. Oh, Kayla, that was so kind of you to say, and I thank you so much. :) You are a lovely!

  2. That was absoulutely beautiful. I love your simplicity and humbleness in your writing. God has an amazing plan for your life, and don't doubt that for one second. I've never met you face to face, but I can already see Jesus shining through you. Your so sweet,and beautiful. Yes! Beautiful! I am so excited to see what God has for your life. :-) That was long, but felt like I should :-)

    1. First of all, thank you millions for what you said about my writing. I'm so joyful right now, because of your comment.
      Second, I feel the same about you...never having seen you face to face, yet I can feel the presence of Him in you.
      And, thank you SO much for saying I am beautiful! You're gonna make me cry with all the nice things you're saying! But I wanted to tell you not to forget how beautiful YOU are, because, really, I've seen the pics. :)
      And that was also long, but what the heck, it was a three or two minutes of my life spent on something good. Nope, something great...

    2. Your so sweet Tane! I'd better shut up before I go on another long comment! Lol

  3. This is so beautiful and so true. His love is incredible, and I needed this reminder on this rough day. Thank you. Keep writing and describing God's character. It is truly beautiful and glorifying His name.

    1. Thank you very much, Lizzie. ♥ I will keep writing.


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