16 Jun 2014

Warm Hugs Tag

Hey there.
I promised to do a post that has nothing to do with a writing challenge...and...here it is.
I was tagged by both Kayla, Madeline and Lauren (ohmygoodness you all have lovely names). Thank you SO much, girls, you are all amazing...I'll be answering all of your sets of questions, so, yep, I have a lot and I need to get answering.

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❅ Tag five or more bloggers and tell them

 Answer the ten questions the blogger that nominated you has written, related to books, characters, etc.

❅ Create your own questions having to do with the same thing

Pics: (specially picked out from a personal point of view by yours truly)

Ever since I read that book... Divergent fan all the way... :) I still haven't watched the movie yet, though, and I can't wait to. And Tris is one of my all time favorite characters from a book. So, yeah, those are the two photos concerning movies, books, and characters...now one for lyrics from a song...

I love that song. The rhythm, her voice...I could just listen to it all day. #lovely

My fave Disney movie...

And another Disney movie that I'm warming up to. (catch my drift?)

Wait. Wait...one more...(not concerning princesses, though Katniss could probably be a pretty good one)

Oh, Peeta...
I ♥ these two in The Hunger Games movies + I ♥ reading The Hunger Games Trilogy books...
And don't get me started on The Fault In our Stars. I've added enough pics. But I will say...I'm a fan of that, too.

That's all.
Was it too much? (all pics via Pinterest or Google search, none my own, I take no credit)
Moving on. (heads up, this is going to be a long post)

Madeline's questions:
Favorite Disney quote?
answer: Hmm...I don't know many...so, I can't give an answer. Sorry. 
Favorite fictional characters?
answer: Tris, Tobias, Augustus Waters, Katniss, Peeta.
If you could party with one fictional character, who would you want to party with?
answer: Um...let's see...need someone who is funny, energetic and slightly witty for a party...I'm gonna go with Uriah from Divergent. I think.
Favorite Disney princess movie?
answer: Tangled.
Would you rather spend a day with your favorite fictional character in their world or have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books for the rest of your life? (hehe evil >:) )
answer: That is evil, Maddie. :P But, I'm able to answer. I would like to have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books for the rest of my life - gives me more happiness for longer, the other would (obviously) be over in a day.
Have you ever been to Disney Land? If you have, how many times?
answer: Nope, never. You see, I live in South Africa. No Disneyland here.
What song describes you the most?
answer: I'm afraid I can't answer.
Which character death made you the most sad?
answer: Tris or Augustus. :'( Quite hard to choose...
Which fictional character can you relate to the most? 
answer: I can relate to a few, but only slightly...I guess books aren't written about people like me that often. Anyways, I won't be able to answer this question, either.
What is your favorite message in a Disney movie and why?
answer: I kind of like the message in Frozen - love will thaw a frozen heart...why? Because it's true that if you show enough love, you can change someone's heart.

Kayla's questions:
Favorite movie series?
answer: I haven't watched too many, actually. But...there's a really old series called the A-Team...you might have watched the new movie...but that is my fave series.
Favorite Disney princess?
answer: Anna. ♥
Favorite Disney song?
answer: Let It Go.
Frozen or Tangled?
answer: Tangled.
M&M's or kisses?
answer: M&M's.
Fact about yourself?
answer: I don't like coffee.
Favorite book character?
answer: Tris.
Favorite singer/band?
answer: Taylor Swift.
Favorite quote?
answer: Impossible to choose. #ilovequotestoomuch
Favorite season and why?
answer: I think that my favorite season is Autumn, because of the way everything feels fresh, and because the temperature seems just right.
Lauren's questions:
What is your favorite Disney film?
answer: Tangled.
If you could spend a full day with any fictional character, who would it be?
answer: Tris Prior  or Tobias Eaton or even Peter Hayes. (why Peter? Dunno. Don't be shocked. I just think I'd like to learn more about him. Hopefully he doesn't stick a butter knife in my eye) Actually, you know what, on second thought, definitely Peeta Mellark.
If you could go to Hogwarts, or a school with five of your favorite fictional characters in your class, who would you choose?
answer: Because I'm homeschooled I'm let off this one, right? ;)
If you had to marry a fictional character and spend the rest of your life with them, who would you choose?
answer: OK, then. This is tough. Peeta Mellark...maybe...
If you had to live in a book for the rest of your life (with the characters, and in the place they life, etc.), which book would it be?
answer: OK, here's one where I can't (won't) choose Divergent. And...I don't have an answer.
What is your favorite Disney song?
answer: Let It Go.
Favorite fictional characters?
answer: I'm sure I answered this one and the one above before already. But, doesn't matter... Tris, Tobias, Augustus Waters, Katniss, Peeta.
Favorite fictional authors?
answer: Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth.
Which song describes you most?
answer: I can't answer.

Now, my questions... Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to choose ten questions out of the ones I answered above - my favorite ones, or the most creative ones. And then just one bonus question for Divergent fans.
1. Favorite Disney princess?
2. Favorite fictional characters?
3. What is your favorite Disney movie?
4. Favorite singer/band?
5. Fact about yourself?
6. If you had to marry a fictional character and spend the rest of your life with them, who would you choose? (gave this one cos it's hard)
7. If you had to live in a book for the rest of your life, which book would it be?
8. What is your favorite song(s)? (OK, that one isn't recycled, just one I wanted to ask)
9. Favorite book character?
10. What is your favorite message in a Disney movie and why?
Bonus question for Divergent fans:
Who would you like to live instead of die most out of the characters Veronica Roth killed in Divergent? (I gave you an evil question, like Madeline did me...)

I nominate:
and...anyone who comments Tris Prior. (for fun, for the people who want to do the tag but weren't nominated)

I'm done. Thanks for reading. ♥
PS: When I hit 70 followers (yay, I've got 66!), I'll host a writing challenge/contest.


  1. Thankyou So much for tagging me Tane ♥♥
    I'm nearly done with my post x

    Thanks again
    Nyah xx

  2. Can I do this too? TRIS PRIOR! (although I have NO idea who this is, other than hes a Divergent person... I think?) lol

    1. Absolutely, Aaliyah! And don't worry, you definitely don't have to know who that is, lol...just needed something to be the code. :)

  3. Thank you Tane for nominating me! Love your answers!

    1. It's an absolute pleasure, Cindy-- you're brilliant, like your blog. :) Thanks!

  4. THIS IS SUCH A CUTE TAG. I wish I could get a warm hugs tag too. I absolutely love your blog and your works. SO amazing!! Hope you can check mine out and follow back. I follow yours. :) Can't wait to see more posts for you. xx


    1. Yes, it is! You're tagged, by me, if you want to be.
      And, yes, I'll check out your blog! Thank you. ♥


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