19 Aug 2015


In June, my mom and I went to a fine dining restaurant for lunch one noon. My sister works at the place where we went, being a chef and all, which is why we decided to visit. Equus is its name, latin for horse. It's based near Stellenbosch, on a beautiful wine and stud farm, Cavalli Estate. The scenery is gorgeous, with mountains in the distance, greenery everywhere, indigenous plants in bright colours, beautiful horses grazing in their paddocks near a large, modern stable, a paved road leading up to the buildings and and a wide lake that was in full view from where we sat, on the deck.

I have my lovely mom to thank for the wonderful treat of going to Equus.

The experience was amazing, it was my first time having a 'fine dining' three course meal. At first, when I picked up the menu, I decided on pork belly, one of the mains. Satisfied with my choice, I closed my menu and told my mom, who laughed. She told me I was supposed to choose my starter first. And also that I was going to choose a dessert. I was surprised that we were having three courses, but of course, happy about it.

So, for my starter, I had 'House Smoked Pastrami, Healey's Cheddar, Piccalilli, Caper Sultana'.

If first impressions are what matter most, I was already hooked. This dish was so tasty, thinking about it now is making me hunger for it. And look how prettily it was presented.

My mom had 'Citrus-Cured Salmon, Red Wine Poached Pear, Num-Num Gastrique, Spiced Almonds' as her starter.

I don't usually enjoy almonds. But I tasted a few pieces of toasted almond from my mom's starter and loved it.

It was a little harder to choose a main, all of the exotic, appealing titles vying for my attention. In the end, I went with my original choice. 'Cider Braised Pork Belly, Roasted Beetroot, Carrot Puree, Caramelized Apples'. My mouth is watering from just typing the title...and I'm not joking.

The main was delicious and filling. The pieces of what looks like folds of polystyrene on top are crackling, which was brilliant. It was absolutely yum.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the main my mom ate. But here comes the best part: dessert.
I ordered 'Gingerbread Spiced Cheesecake, Candied Ginger, Honeycomb Ice-Cream'.

This. Was. So. Good. Wow.

My mom went for 'Chocolate Eton Mess'.

Which, as you can see, was art on a plate. As well as being delectable.

The garden was perfect, and the sky so blue...I'm grateful for what a good day it was. Spending time with my mom alone can be tricky with so many other people in the house all the time, but when we do manage, it's great.


    and the food looks absolutely sublime. i did this fine dining thing on my sixteenth birthday quite a while ago (heh) and i enjoyed it too much ;) lovely post, tane darling xxx

  2. Wow cool restaurant. I have never had a really any course meal that is more than one at a restaurant.


  3. The food looks scrumptious! I don't even know what it tastes like and my mouth is watering!

    Sarah || theteenagedreamer.blogspot.com

  4. Such beautiful photos! It sounds like you had a nice time, and all the food looks delicious! Also, you look so much like your mom! In the first photo you posted of her, I thought it was you at first!

    xo, Sarah

  5. It sound like you had a nice time! The food looks delicious!

  6. My gosh! And I thought my mom looked young! (Well okay my mom does look young but in more of a "under-13-always-being-mistaken-for-my-sister" way) But your mom looks super young! Just wow! And she's beautiful ^^

    That sounds like a gorgeous day! And that's so cool that your sister is a chef ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  7. These are STUNNING photographs, Tane-- you and your mum are both gorgeous:)

  8. I am so jealous! All of that looks so good! And the photos are amazing too! I'm glad you got to spend time with your mom. It's always nice to have a mother-daughter date every once in a while!

  9. You both are stunning! <3 That food looks amazing. Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Sanjana

  10. woAH MY GOSH. these are lovely and you are lovely and now i am hungry. ♥ xx

  11. Ah, three course meals are the best. Rather expensive, but it's worth it.

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. Have I mentioned you (and your mom) are beautiful? Flawless ladies <3

  12. Wow those look amazing!! Now i want some! :) Btw y'all are gorgeous!!

  13. All the food looks incredible - but those desserts!!! Amazing! And the scenery and you guys are just so pretty! :)


  14. That seems like so much fun! That cheesecake looks DELICIOUS!
    By the way you and your mom and just gorgeous. <3 love it.

  15. Such lovely pictures O.O The food looks delicious!

    Rukiya XX

  16. It's been a while since I checked your blog, and WOW it looks great! I am so jealous of your photography skills. You are truly talented.

  17. gahhhh how could you?? now my mouth is watering. xD
    The first picture of your mom is stunning...so tumblr-y. Actually, all the pictures are stunning. You and your mom are both beautiful inside and out <3

  18. that food.
    i jealous.

    p.s. your mom is gorgeous.

  19. Oh Tane dear...what an incredible place...I am sure this was a memory making experience for you and your mom...I love spending time along with my precious momma too! Aww! You're both so very beautiful! And my goodness...what amazing looking starters, main courses and desserts and yes, beautifully presented! Being a foodie myself, I loved your post, my friend! So delightful visiting with you today!


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