4 Apr 2014


Life has been...
...enjoying the Autumn chill.
rainy. (sometimes happy about the rain, sometimes not)
me apologizing for being a bad blogger, and not being active...sorry for not posting for ages, people.
having a visit with one of my best friends that I hadn't seen for ages. (Elzé)
having weird dreams.
reading one my favorite book series all over again for maybe the third time. (Cat Royal series by Julia Golding)
reading Divergent. *smiles* I love it.

learning new things about blog designing.
having got another new beautiful notebook as a gift to add to my collection.
writing letters. (I reluctantly admit that I'm a bad penpal. Sorry to Braelyn, for not writing for so long, if you're reading this- your letter will be on it's way soon)
waiting to watch Catching Fire- hopefully.
Divergent (the movie) is finally out here in South Africa. *yay!* well, actually, I've only been waiting for it for a few days...wanna watch it. soon. I am not quite a person for standing suspense.
going to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the movies today.
waiting for the other two books that are sequels to Divergent. can't wait. I'm not the sort of person who has a lot of patience, either.
are you a Divergent fan?
trips to the mall.
playing pool.
lots of whey smoothies.
sunsets still as beautiful as ever.
sad because we have to move out of our rented house soon.
lots of baby guinea pigs. (I'll do a post on that after this)
being able to wear warm jackets that sometimes make me feel a little fuzzy inside on cold nights.
selling stickers...lots of stickers...especially of these two:

Aqua, Pink and Purple Doodled Pattern by Tangerine-Tane

Okay? Okay.  by Tangerine-Tane

thank you so much to God for blessing me with sales. :) I don't deserve any at all, yet He gives...He gives so much stuff / things / happiness to me...
enjoying the school holidays.
good food.
baking chocolate muffins.
reading Exodus in the Bible...

And that's what I've been up to. What have you been doing? I love hearing about you in your comments...so feel free to tell me about your dislikes & likes, movie watching, book reading, weather, anything, etc. Interactivity with other bloggers is one of my favorite things about being on blogger.


  1. This is so awesome. (: And don't worry about not posting--I've been the same way lately.

  2. I hope you enjoy Catching Fire! It is simply amazing!!

    1. I've watched it now - and yesss!! I definitely did enjoy it. :D
      Tane xxx

  3. Catching Fire is amazing, Divergent is amazing, I'm going to see Captain America and I hope it's amazing. You got all of the good stuff in one post!;)

    1. :P Glad I did! Thank you for your comment, Khloe - I agree, they're all amazing. I'm sure you'll love Captain America.
      Tane xxx

  4. I'm glad you've been having a good week! I just saw Captain America Winter Soldier last night and loveeee it! It was SO good! He is probably my favorite super hero ;) But anyway, hope you like it when you see it in theaters today! And I look forward to more posts from you, beautiful Tane! Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. Oh, it was awesome, Liz! He and Ironman are my two favorite heroes. :)
      You always, and I mean always, make me smile with your comments. <3 You're absolutely beautiful, Lizzie. Inside and out!
      Tane ♥

    2. Yes! Ironman is awesome too! The two of them are great! :)))

      Aww! You're sweet, Tane! Well, I'm glad I can make you smile :) I'm here to encourage and be a friend when you need one :)
      You are completely beautiful from the inside out, too! (and I mean it). I always look forward to your delightful posts :) keep following Jesus! <3

    3. :D
      You're too kind...love your comments so much, dear.
      Tane xxx


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