13 May 2018

Thank You, Mom

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I can't write about you without crying
You see, you just mean that much to my heart
But I will use words to show you I'm trying
To thank you for never letting me down from the very start

You follow God and you listen to His voice
The way you walk your life has guided me
And you were part of the leading me to my choice
To make Him my Master and Lord over me
To wait for that still voice above all life's noise
And to go to all the places He leads me

And do you remember that day you held me?
You told me you were proud of me
Told me you saw strength and saw beauty
Your tears ran down your face and mine were all over me
And I couldn't speak because of the tornado of love within me
Because you, you were the one that taught me

The scars that have been made yours and the battles you've fought
His instructions you've listened to, His word you took
And the beautiful example you've been in how His face you sought-
I love how you have always told me that for the good, I should look

This is why the tears flow easier than the words
Because you have used so much more than words to love me
And your love and prayer and comfort is still what girds
And helps ground me when I'm broken or lost out at sea 

So, I guess I'm trying to tell you I love you
I appreciate all the things you've done and do
I'm so often amazed at how He uses you
And for who you've been to me, I want to say thank you

You made me want Him to use me like that
And I will always, always be grateful for that
You told me never to quit, to keep on pushing through
And now as I stand here, all I want to say is
Thank you

written: 12/04/18


To you, Mom: I'm sorry I'm only posting this at the end of Mother's Day. It'll be Monday by the time you read it. But that doesn't change how I mean every word.

To everyone else: Thank you for reading this. A lot of it was me trying to articulate that having a loving and godly woman as a mother is an incredible gift from the Lord and that I am grateful.


  1. hello tane, i know i've never commented before but i gotta say that i ADORE rhyming poetry and yours is just so BEAUTIFUL. besides which your blog is gorgeous and #goals.

    this poem was so lovely <3

    xx lisa

    1. Hey Lisa. Thank you so much! I appreciate that a lot.

  2. THIS IS LOVELY. I love when you talk about remembering the times that she held you in her arms and her introducing you to God. Beautiful!

    Simply Me

    1. Thank you very much, Vanessa!! I love comments from you ♥

  3. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! Your love for your mom is just so amazing. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl


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