13 May 2015

May days

This is going to be one of those typical 'lately' posts. To bring me back to reality from my dreaming world where I think up poetry and cloudy pep talk blog posts (My adding 'cloudy' there doesn't mean you shouldn't take them any less seriously. OK?). And to let you know- well, about small inconsequential things that fill in the spaces between the consequential things during my average day. Which doesn't mean I won't mention anything consequential...okay, I'm rambling. But those who know me well know that I'm great at that. 
I'll try and refrain from being corny, cheesy, or cliché. (But c'mon. Everybody loves cliché)  


+ walking around the house in socks (Winter is fast approaching)
+ watching old movies (Pretty Woman; a new favourite of mine)
+ cooking with my dad, now and then (I only recently found out. He knows how to cook? And pretty well, too?)
+ loving going to my youth group
+ appreciating hot tea and this good book I'm reading, 'The Forever Girl', by Alexander McCall 
+ practicing my interior designer skills in my room
+ beach trips

+ loving my friend's blog, 'For me to live is Christ and to die, is gain' (People. She writes so beautifully)
+ and my other friend's blog, 'silent fleeting moments' (Anine, your talent is just...wow)
+ listening to Ben Howard, OneRepublic, and Coldplay ('A Sky Full of Stars' by Coldplay is magical)
+ realizing that there is only one reason why I'm living and why I want to be alive. God. He carries me through all storms, He never leaves me to fend for myself and when I have nothing, I have everything, because I have Him
+ starting a drawing journal as a project in my art class (This is right up my street, guys)
+ beautiful skies

+ finding fresh joy in photography and in my fluffy, cozy, pullover, electric blue jersey (Really electric)

+ going for my first ever facial (If you've ever been for a facial...did you enjoy it?)
+ adoring my little brother's facial expressions and willingness to take selfies (Oh. And my other pullover knit jersey, as displayed in the following photo)

+ loving you for having read all this


  1. Beach times > anything else

    your brother is so cute! XD

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love the silhouette by the water. :) Your brother is adorable and looks like lots of fun!

    1. Thank you! I also like that one...and yes, he is.

  3. I actually really, really loved this post, Tane.
    It's so cool to see that happenings of other people's lives, especially yours, as you are such an inspiration. <3

    1. I actually really love you for being so sweet. And always commenting wonderful comments. Thanks so much, Jords. ♥

  4. +thanking you for having an amazingly inspirational blog, full of excellent photos and words. :)

  5. aww..your brother's so cute!
    "Lately" posts are certainly some of the best. All other types of posts are wonderful, but once in a while it's just refreshing to actually get a peek into the real blogger's life.
    *faints whilst marveling over your amazing photography skills*

    1. Yes, he is, and yes, they are.
      N'awwww Autumn! Thank you! ♥♥

  6. Beautiful photos! Especially the beach ones. :)

  7. I luvvved the pictures. You're such a babe.
    And if this was instagram, I guess I'd say "Thanks for the shoutout." but it's not. So thank you for mentioning me in your post.
    ily xx

  8. I loved this post! I enjoy seeing little bits of your everyday life. I LUH YOU TANEY TOT!

  9. Tane... LOVE this!! Thank you for the 'mention'... (whaoh. First ever public mention. Dankie) ;)
    Your skill with words and art with photo's is lovely to admire! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! And, of course, Anni, I couldn't resist. Your blog is wonderful. My plesier.
      Thank you. xxx


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