29 May 2014

that is what comes with change

{VIA} (image not my own - found it on Pinterest...isn't it beautiful? I love the atmosphere. So inspiring)

you ask why she's like that
why sometimes when she smiles-
her eyes are sad.
well, the story is something you may not buy
but it is a story that needs to be told
so I will tell you why.

There came a time in her life, when gone was the girl who smiled so bright- the girl who fell asleep easily at night. The girl who didn't always have to dry her eyes, the girl who didn't always wear a fake disguise. The girl who danced all the time and sang loud, the girl who's sky wasn't darkened by a heavy cloud.
That girl was no more for awhile, because in her place came a girl who did not smile.
A girl who always lied and said she was alright, not knowing why she didn't want anyone to know the truth. A girl who had turned her back on the world because of change, a girl who was not fulled with sweet youth. A girl who always had to dry her eyes, and made sure to put on a fake disguise- because even though people could already see her sorrow, she knew for sure it was much worse inside.
And eventually the first girl came back, and claimed what she had left behind, her heart. But still the other girl was always somewhere around, and in the first girl's new world, she always took some part.
Nothing about her was ever the same. But that is what comes with change.

and that, that is the reason why,
you sometimes see her smile with sad eyes.

let me tell you, though,
even though things did not go her way
she is okay.
she will be okay.


Change can be for the better or the worse. This post was about change for the worse. It happens. It will always happen until we go home to our Jesus, and then we will live in a perfect infinity.
I'm working on a post about change for the better, but it will take quite a while, life is busy. 
I love writing and I hope you enjoyed reading this. ♥♥♥

PS: I will not be active here for...like...a month. My family and I are moving out of our rented house to a new house (yay! a house that is actually ours), and it's going to get a lot busier very soon. So I send apologies in advance, I will be quite absent for a while.


  1. Wow! That was... so deep and inspiring. I love it! <3 Great job, Tane. :] Oh and I'll be praying for you and your family as you move. Stay safe...


    1. Thank you so much, Nat, your comments are so sweet.

  2. Beautiful! You are an amazing poet!

    1. Oh and I saw your comment on my blog about the contest. If you want you can use one of your old poems or something like that and re-post it. :)

    2. Oh, OK, thanks so much! I made a new poem and entered it. I also put your lovely button on my sidebar. :)

  3. Oh, Tane! I will so miss you and your lovely blog! Praying all goes well for your family:-)

    Much love to you, friend!

    1. Thank you very much dear Kelly, I will miss being online for a little while as well. xxx Thanks for praying!

  4. Tane, that is so beautiful and very meaningful. Love it so much. And I hope the move to your new house is going well. :)

    1. Aw, Cindy, you're very kind. Thank you. ♥

  5. This is beautiful and true. You always have to remember you'll be okay even if it takes a while.
    And as for pinterest, MURGHHHH. I literally search ''story inspiration'' and just take a peek until I find something that moves me. I don't even write in the post that's it's from pinterest anymore, I just have a disclaimer on my blog that most pictures are. ;)

    1. Haha, yes, Pinterest has some amazing and inspiring photography. Love it...and I love the posts you post, they're great.
      Thanks so much Madeline!

  6. Love your blog and all your lovely posts. Will miss your beautiful writing so much! Hope all your moving will go well! Blessings! <3

  7. Oh my gosh! When I saw this, I was so amazed! I have been going through this type (When I say this type, I mean exactly) of thing for a while, but I feel it is ending now. I wasn't okay at all, and to top it off, I had nobody to talk/turn to. My friends were always busy when I invited them over, and I felt left out and rejected when I did see them. They were the only friends I had.
    I still don't get to see much of them, as they are still both busy, but I feel a lot better than I did during Jan-April. I feel that God has put me through that for a good reason, and because of that, I am able to relate to other people that I never would've before!
    I also wasn't sleeping that well for a little while before, but I get to sleep easily now, and no more bad thoughts or sorrow has come into my mind at night. I am closer to God because of this, and hopefully, a happier, better person.
    It is an amazing post, and I am really happy that I saw this!
    Great post Tane,

    P.S I really hope I am not making you uncomfortable with these comments.

    P.P.S Hope your move goes well. I know what it is like, as we have rented 5 houses in the past 7 years! We hope to get our own place sometime, but it looks as if we'll be in our current house for a long time!
    Once again, I hope you move goes well!!!

    1. Hey Jemma, lovely! I'm so glad you're over that sort of thing for now. I know how you were feeling...
      But you're beautiful and smart and sweet and you must never forget that.
      Thank you for the wonderful comment. And in no way are any of your comments making me uncomfortable, keep them coming! ;)
      Thanks again. ♥


    1. Hi girl! Yes, Aaliyah, we're moving from it. But we're moving to another house in Somerset West. :)

    2. Still got an amazing view...

    3. We'll have the same view once we build a new deck on our new house.

  9. That was beautiful, your poem! Good luck with the new move!

    xoxo Morning

  10. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
    Your writing is incredible!
    So inspiring and heart warming <3
    Well done!
    And good luck with the move.
    I'll be praying everything goes well.
    Nyah x


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