6 May 2014

when I'm sad

^ a picture I took of some very pretty pink flowers. bright colors make me feel happier when I'm sad.

Hi. I...um...wrote something. I just had to. I am not very happy at the moment. Life is not going very well. And writing is my comforter. I'd love it if you prayed for me, though. 
Here's the writing piece that is full of wrongly phrased sentences and randomness. Hope you enjoy it, and maybe find it worth reading in the end.

When I’m sad, not just the sad type of sad, but the deep, aching type of sad, I try to focus on the good, happy things that have happened, that still will happen. The days where the sunshine was hot, the skies were blue and a cool breeze lifted my hair. The rainy days where inside the house was warm, when I sipped tea as I watched the raindrops gathering on the window. The days when we were all together, and everywhere I went I heard someone I loved laughing.  The days when new things were learned and the days were we had silly talks and we ended up on the floor laughing so hard it hurt. The people who talked to me like I was important, the people who held my gaze with sparkling eyes knowing we were thinking the same thing. The ocean waves that I sat on the warm sand and watched; wild, free, and beautiful. The stories that were told around a fire, underneath a sky that sparkled with starlight. The walks through long golden grass that had droplets of dew on their tips to an orchard that dripped with gorgeous sunrise light streams. The road trips with music playing loud and beautiful scenery passing by so fast, so fast. The sunsets that gave the world a majestic touch, as we played on the veranda and laughed at each other. The photos we took of our silly faces together that meant nothing but meant so much. The imaginary games that were played at that house when we were young – that house that was home, that house were we crept onto the roof while our older siblings weren’t watching and lay on our backs in the sunlight. The cottage that was covered in ivy and roses and grapes, the cottage that holds so many of my childhood memories. The dancing underneath the fruit trees. The swinging down from trees. The times when I was afraid and upset and sad, when He held me and I was okay again. The times when I fell asleep in a warm bed, and slipped into the dream world I still hold so dearly.

Those are the things that comfort me when I am sad. Things I’ve decided to love, and things I couldn't help but love.

"It is better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all."

"These times are hard, but they will pass."

This was not well written. This was not planned. This is full of writing mistakes and so on. But this is what poured out of me today…and thank you for reading.


  1. Now that. Was amazing. ♥\(^.^\) <<< I stole your heart and gave it back. XD
    But seriously. If I could write like that when I was feeling sad, all these jumbled up scribbles of mine would become masterpieces. Your in my prayers. :)
    I understand though. Because I have anxiety and I get depressesed a lot.
    In the end, though, you realize that there was always a silver lining. Your mind was just to clouded to see it.
    ^^^ So that was cheesy, but I hope things get better. :)
    xxx. Kayla

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Kayla. :) I love cheesy, so don't worry.Your comment was lovely.

  2. Sometimes we face heartache and trials, and they're rough. So know I'm praying for you, Tane. God uses our heartaches and sadness to grow us and strengthen us. So find comfort and rest under His wings. He knows exactly what's going on within your heart. And He cares for you.

    And your writing is beautiful. The best kind of writings are the unedited and not completely perfect ones. So don't apologize. Your writing was beautiful because God was using it to pour out your feelings and those are the best. The writings on the spur of the moment are the best and most beautiful <3 YOU are beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much for that beautiful comment, Lizzie. You're wonderful, and encouraging. ♥

  3. Tane, girl, your writing just blew me away. This is totally so beautiful. After reading this, I was speechless. Words cannot define the feeling I get when you pour your heart in writing it out. <3

    Stay strong :)

    1. Oh, Cindy, your comments are amazing! Wow. You make me feel very happy. ♥♥♥

  4. WOW!
    this is beautiful
    that's all i have to say


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