5 Jun 2017

Monday Musings [6] - My Safe Stronghold

Inside me and all around me I feel a wild storm’s rage,
And it’s hard when no one knows what happens offstage,
But You breathe life into my tired lungs, age after age,
And I can feel my heart, there just beneath my rib cage,
You write on it, page after page.

It’s warm to match Yours and it’s beating,
Because You heal the hurt and aching,
I will stretch my arms out, rejoicing,
In the light of Your face, I’m basking,
And to You I will always sing.

I’ve got a distance to go and the weather is bitterly cold,
But when it gets dark and I feel small I can sense the hold
Of Your hand, and forever Your love is my safe stronghold,
It is abounding and so true and capable of things untold,
And it will never, ever grow old.

I reach for You and You are always there,
No matter where,
In my brokenness and in every despair.
And when I’m in the thick of warfare,
You hear every prayer,
And when I come to You bare,
You tell me You care.

And I was bare but I won’t live another day unaware, 
Because it’s Your love and this faith that I want to wear,
I want to find those like me and tell them that You care.

written: 05/06/17


Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold You with my righteous hand. / Isaiah 41:10

A/N: Wow. I love that verse from the book of Isaiah. God satisfies. He's proved it to me in timeless ways and constant love and enduring patience. And still it's something I have to learn all over again, often. If you're like me, be encouraged. He will always be your stronghold, He is unfailing and He is forgiving.

Have you experienced something similar? Do you feel like your life is crazy or confusing at the moment, and if the answer is yes, who/what do you turn to for comfort? Because there is only One that can give you the peace you need.


  1. Great poem, it really describes the confusion of life that we all feel sometimes. And that bible verse is awesome.

  2. What a beautiful poem. You have an incredible talent and words that swirl right into the heart <3 Keep it up.

  3. I wish this could be turned into a song. I would sing it all the time <3

  4. Ahhh, this is such a beautiful poem <3 Life has calmed down lately, but it was pretty crazy last month. I tend not to turn to outside people for comfort? Rather, throwing myself wholeheartedly into the task at hand seems to calm and focus me the most.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  5. God is indeed our stronghold. I've been dealing with some things and it's hard because sometimes it feels like I'm doing things on my own, but I'm not. I'm not alone. God is here to guide me. <3 Thank you for reminding me of that.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  6. You have such a way with words, Tane... I don't know how you do it!!
    I just keep re reading this poem and again and again feel it resound in my soul. Because life IS crazy. It's cold and brutal and sweet and lovely. Its insane and irresistible and so so lonely.
    Life is up and down in rapid succession with no pause for breath before the current drags you under again.
    But our strength and our courage is the Lord, for he has been our refuge.

    Its hard sometimes to remember how good our God is. It's silly but true. I mean, this is the God who died like a common criminal because we hated him enough to sin.
    And somehow I forget that?? And turn to worldly things to fill the aching loneliness, and to heal the wounds on my heart.
    But it doesn't work like that.
    Only God can heal those bullet wounds. Only God can pull out the arrow. Only God can touch my broken heart, and make it whole with one breath.
    Only my sweet, sweet, Saviour can ever replace the hole this world has carved into my flesh.
    And even with my scars.
    Even with my muddy knees, and scraped hands and bloody tear.
    He wants me.
    He wants ME.
    And YOU.
    And everyone.
    And all I can do is wonder "why?" With tears running down my cheeks, and His love soaking up my pain.

    I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to ramble on so!!!
    But thank you for sharing this, Tane. You couldn't have chosen a better time.

    Love you, girl! <3 <3

  7. yo holla. our Lord is greaty and mighty, gentle hands ready for His prodigal son to come back home. amen amen. dig the truth in deep. x

  8. also i'm laughing so hard because i'm pretty sure my last comment just said our Lord is "greaty" WHAT ON EARTH. i hit publish before i could make sure there wasn't a typo so lolz oops

  9. This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the poem and Bible verse; I love both. <3

  10. some spirits are touched deeply by God ,these are whom he loved most because they called for him more strongly ..you are Blessed my dear!!!

  11. fear not.
    so simple yet so FULL.........I love it. that gives me such hope right now and oh how hope is always always needed.

    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog


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