16 Jul 2016

10 Things I Love (And Hate) About Winter

Here in Africa, we're smack dab in the middle of winter. I live near the very bottom of Africa, where it's supposed to be rainy during winter and dry during the summer. Not dry all of the time.
Actually, I shouldn't complain, because last year we had a season of much worse drought. There has been more rain (down in Africa...who knows that song?) of late.
I know that a lot of, or most of my blogger friends are currently enjoying summer. Stop rubbing it in my face, okay?
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I love hearing about your summer adventures and foods and fun, I really do. But I thought I'd chat a bit about what I think the pros and cons of winter are. Maybe it will have you feeling nostalgic for the colder season. Or, if you are living in the colder season currently, perhaps you'll be nodding throughout this post in agreement. Either way, I hope you find it worth your while.
Although I've noted down some pretty great pros alongside the cons...I've gotta be honest, I'm looking forward to summer.

CON 1: Desert lips. It's awful the way my lips dry up and crack and bleed. Sometimes when I wake up I can taste that awful metallic taste of blood, and I know my lips have cracked open again. Ugh. I've been using a lot of lip balm.

PRO 1: Wrapping myself up in a soft blanket. I seriously love soft blankets so much. Recently, my older sister, Perrin, who is living and working in Ireland as a chef (I know, so cool, right? Unless you happen to be Irish. If that's the case, perhaps the idea is not quite so exotic to you as it is to me), mailed a big cardboard box of presents to us. It was like Christmas in July, and each present was so thoughtful and kind. I miss her loads. I miss her more than summer.
Anyway, one of the gifts she sent to me was a beautiful, soft, fluffy blanket all the way from Ireland. I love it.

It's really very very soft. You'd have to touch it to believe me.

CON 2: Not being warm enough. You're probably thinking, put more clothes on. Use more blankets. But I-I-I d-don't th-think you understand.
It's not that cold today, actually, but in June it was bitterly cold. B i t t e r l y. And, as a person who gets cold easily, I wasn't that impressed. I would lie in bed, curled up in a ball with three layers of clothing, a blanket and a duvet covering me and still shiver. I would go to church at nine in the morning and everyone would tell me I hadn't worn enough because underneath all of the layers I was still shaking. Yeah. That bad.

PRO 2: Warm, roaring fires. I love love love to sit in front of a big fire and read, or play cards, or chat with my siblings. Or drink hot chocolate, but that's another pro altogether, don't you think? Especially if it's topped with mini marshmallows. Mmm.


CON 3: Comfort food. Why is this a con, you ask? Well, because, when it's so freezing and one of your family members have cooked something hot and so so so good, you kind of forget it's also full full full of calories and you eat it.

PRO 3: Comfort food. Yep, calories, whatever. Forget about that. I mean, come on. Mac n cheese. Brownies. Apple crumble. Shepard's pie. Burgers. I never really stood a chance.

My brother came home with a surprise burger for me the other day. How sweet is he? Or, well, he could be trying to make me fat...

CON 4: Showering. In the summertime I'm keen on doing that. However, when it's four degrees celsius, I don't find myself thinking, I'd love to strip off all my clothes and get wet and almost shiver to death while I'm getting out of the shower and drying off. (We don't have central heating here in Africa. It's just not a thing. I don't know anyone who has central heating) But I do it, because I'm brave. Yeah, you're welcome to laugh at that.

PRO 4: Hoodies. I love putting on a cozy, over sized hoodie with sleeves that are too long for me and just reveling in the comfort that it brings. I also love the actual hoods themselves. I like putting them on when I have no need or reason too. It makes it cozier and gets me feeling a little more Eskimo-ey.

CON 5: Darkness. Because, in the winter, obviously, the sun sets earlier and rises later. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of the dark (although some of my siblings would argue otherwise...perhaps it's my pride denying it) but I love light.

PRO 5: Sleep. I sleep much longer and more peacefully in the winter. Apparently it's proven that you sleep better in the cold, which is interesting. In the summertime, I rise early, I can't help it, it's like my body is programmed to. But in the wintertime, I manage to sleep in late. My record is 9:30am, which, I've heard, is not a very high record. Never mind. It's my record.
What's your record?

Let me know if you can relate to my thoughts on winter, and if you're enjoying the season is hanging out your place, whether it's cold or hot. Do you prefer winter or summer?
Hopefully I didn't come across as too much of a complainer, but again, I'm just hanging in here till summer.


  1. Hey Tane Hannah!
    (Or is it just Tane, or what do you prefer?)
    Where I live presently, winter = frozen toes, snow, warm fires, and hot chocolate galore.
    Where I am from, and where all my dad's side of the famiy is, I enjoy winter MUCH MORE! (Oregon)
    Oregon winter is definitely more slush and rain than snow (white Christmas is RARE) but it is still cold, and the waiting for snow and excitement when it comes is sooo worth it.
    I prefer to be cold rather than hot. In cold (usually) you can put more clothes on.

    I too LOVE soft blankets!!!!!!! Also soft socks, and hoodies.

    My sleeping in record is 8:30. I don't think I've ever slept later than that. I just can't sleep after 8!!! Unless I'm having jet lag or something. Then it's 8:30.

    It is summer now. I don't like summer. Esspecially not Missouri summer. Oregon summer, on the other hand is AMAZING!! It is never too hot, and always cools down with the sun. I love sleeping outside in tents during the summer! It gets really cool at night, but in sleeping bags with at least three other sisters next to you. It's warm. Aaand, it isn't humid like Louisiana. Gosh, Louisiana weather? Just no. Not for us Oregonians.

    1. Hello Esther!
      Just plain Tane is fine. :)
      Snow! You lucky thing. I've only experienced proper snow once, and it was awesome.
      That's good for you! It takes all types to make the world. I'm sure Oregon winter must be fun when Christmas does turn out to be white.
      Wow, maybe I am a late sleeper in that case.
      It sounds like you travel quite a bit. But it's always nice to know that you love your home, isn't it?
      Thank you for your lovely comment, Esther!

  2. First off, this is slightly irrelevant to the post, but I adore your hair!! It's gorgeous. You're gorgeous.
    I'm with you- I get SO cold during the winter. It feels like I never can warm up!! Thus winter and I aren't exactly the best of friends.
    There isn't central heating in Africa? Oh my goodness! I'd never realized that. How cold does it get there?
    Loved this post!! I'm definitely 100% a fan of summer, but this post was fun to read and to think about winter for a change! I do miss hot chocolate;)
    xx Grace Anne

    1. Aw, Grace, that made my morning! Thank you so so much.
      I feel the same way for sure! (About winter that is)
      Nope, no central heating. It must sound a little crazy to you, but I guess we're all used to it. Well, it can get pretty darn cold...I think the coldest measured temperature in the whole of Africa that was ever recorded is -24 degrees celsius. However, I have never experienced anything nearly as cold, I don't think. But it has been -2 now and then.

  3. When I saw this post I thought to myself "She most be annoyed that here most of us are posting about the summer" I would be a little annoyed to- maybe more than annoyed. But I do like winter, I complain about how it gets dark to late in the summer. I have to wait until it's at least 10pm to go to bed where as in winter I can snuggle up and fall asleep at 7pm. This post is fantastic! Getting out of the shower is such a struggle!

    1. I definitely understand your frustration about not being able to get to bed earlier. I suppose that maybe come summer I should do a similar post, although I might end up noting more pros than cons... ;)
      Thank you, Vanessa!

  4. Can totally relate! I am also feeling ready for summer :)

  5. Winter weather tends to linger throughout Summer with us in the UK, out of interest - how cold are the temperatures in African winters?? Great post Tane <3

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Oh wow. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you feel about the cold.
      Hmm...well, on an early winter morning, it's sometimes -2 degrees celsius (which is 28 in fahrenheit) which is very cold. That's just one example, though.

      Thanks very much, Lauren!

  6. I totally agree, although getting into a steaming hot shower in winter can be rather good too. Personally I am not fond of hoodies, but I love scarves and jackets, and woolly jumpers. I think I may have slept in to like 8:30 once when I was sick..... but 7:30 is a sleep-in for me.

    1. You're right, and I'm grateful to be able to have a hot shower when I need it. Scarves are wonderful too, I especially love infinity scarves.
      Wow! So my record is impressive after all ;)

  7. aaaah winter. I think I so often forget that while I'm over here in the sweltering heat, y'all are in the dead of winter :) Winter is pretty great, and it's not all bad, but I definitely prefer summer 10000x more. AND YES TO THE COMFORT FOOD. I so often (summer included *sheepsish grin*) consume so so much comfort food it's not even right ughhhh.
    I guess in some ways I do miss winter but I'm lovin' this summer weather for sure!! Hope you have a incredible summer <3

    1. Yup, freezing my butt off here, haha.
      Oh girl, I can relate. I eat far more than I need. But hey, it's called comfort food for a reason.
      Thank you, Autumn!

  8. Oh my goodness, I just love this post! Yes, hot chocolate is the absolute best. I don't think I could make it through the winter without it. ;)
    As for chapped lips, I know exactly what you mean. Ugh, they drive me crazy and I can never seem to make them go away even with mountains of chapstick! ;)

    Good luck over there! Hope summer comes soon for you. :)

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

    1. Thanks Sophia! Yeah, you can't really go wrong with hot chocolate. And that's true. It seems that I can add layers upon layers of chapstick, but somehow it's useless within an hour.

      Thank you again! Enjoy your summer while it's still around.

  9. i love this post!!

    it's funny because here in Singapore it is scorching hot most year round, but not the kind of drying heat but like the humid kinds that cause you to sweat even though you're sitting in the shade and the wind is blowing. the weather is really complain-worthy, but i guess every place has its own downsides huh hahaha.

    the only other weather we get is rainy storms, which i adore because it cools the whole place down hehe. hang on girl! you can make it till summer ;-) jiayou!! (keep going in chinese HAHA) xx

    1. Every place does have both it's downsides and it's upsides, you're right. We can be grateful for the ups and (try to) ignore the downs, huh.
      I love storms! Particularly thunderstorms, although, sadly, we don't get all that many here.
      Thanks so much, Elisabeth ♥♥♥ Hangin' on.





    Shall I go on??? uhhhhgg. Im so sorry for you -- cause I LOVE SUMMER

    btw, i've missed seeing you post <3 *hugs*

    1. Julieeee I missed posting and reading your blog too. So glad to be back.

      Thank you for your pity, it is much appreciated. *shivers* *returns hug* (I need all the warmth I can get)


    And I find it hard to imagine that while I am sitting here sweating you are freezing, haha!! And that you don't have Christmas in winter!! So weird!

    1. ALI I LOVE YOU SO. Thank you for always being kind and a good friend.
      Hah, just like I find it hard to imagine that I am sitting here in my many layers while you have probably shed as many as is modest to get away from the heat. ;)


  13. YEEERRRSSSEEEEE. I can relate too this so much. Fall is my favorite season, and Winter is similar. I definitely prefer cold to hot. Being able to snuggle in warm blankets is vonderful.

    1. Haha, yeah. Snuggle blankets are thee best.


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