My Family

My blog- as I'm sure I've explained before, but will do so again to prevent any future confusion- is named Fith out of Ten because I am the fifth child out of ten children. (well, depending on whether you counting from the oldest to the youngest or vice versa)
My family is incredible. I thank God all of the time for these crazy, wonderful people that He gave to me. Of course there are those days when they drive me insane, but there are probably even more days when I drive them insane. Then, there are days filled with laughter and inside jokes and joy and love and beautiful moments that transform into memories all too quickly. That's how a family works.
And I love mine.

The dogs obviously had to be in the photo. Or, at least, that's what my sisters thought. 

So, here's where I introduce you to all of them. Whenever we meet new people and go through the list of names, they always apologize in advance if they don't remember them all. You don't have to, of course. It's a lot of names to remember, I wouldn't blame you at all. But let me tell you anyway.
From left to right in the back row: Jacob (23), Hudson (12), Joshua (21), Johnny (19)
From left to right in the middle row: Grace (14), Perrin (21). me (16)
From left to right in the last row: Levi (5), Reilly (8), Mila (10)
Lastly, the dogs: Lola (left) and Belle (right). Just in case you were interested.

We aren't all full siblings, but it doesn't feel that way. Two are adopted, and my mom and dad were both single parents with a boy and a girl when they met. Then they married, and had six children together. I'm the eldest of those six.

If you found that was a confusing or chaotic introduction, well, now you know what my life is like. ;)

Above is a of us.

If you were wondering where the two people who were brave enough to start all of this are, they'll be in the photo below.

So. That's us.

UPDATE: On the 8th of May, 2017, another little boy was born into our family. His name is Moses, and he is most adorable. When I eventually get around to it, I'm probably gonna have to change the name up top to Fifth out of Eleven. But my new youngest brother is totally worth the fork in the road and we love him to bits. (Not literal bits, but, you know)


  1. This is the sweetest page I have ever seen.

  2. So many siblings! You guys are three siblings ahead of us... for this year :) *evil laugh*

    1. Yep. Haha :) Ooh, but that's cool. My little siblings are always praying that my mom will have another baby.

  3. Your family seems so sweet, and I am LOVING both your blog, AND YOUR AMAZINGLY LIKE CRAZY BEAUTIFUL ART!!!!!!!! <3

    1. Hannah, THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRL ♥♥♥ You made my morning, and can I just say, I love your blog as well.

  4. Loved reading this page!
    Another brother in November will make 10 for my family!
    Big families are super lucky, wouldn't you agree?!!

    1. I would SO agree. But I prefer the word BLESSED. We are so blessed, Paige! My family just gained another little boy this month, and the joy is overflowing in our household.

      Thank you for your comment :)

  5. this makes me so happy like awwww!!! <333

  6. Aw, this is so sweet. 💕 I have seven siblings myself. And congrats on your baby brother! Babies are so precious.

    1. Thank you so much, Maddy! They are indeed.

  7. I followed the link to your blog from the sidebar of another blog, simply because I could tell that you were from a large family (hahaha!). I was browsing and didn't recognize ANYTHING... until I landed on this page and it was a daja vu moment, because I must have HAD to have read this post before, because the joke about the dogs and your "brave parents" were very familiar, and I know a lot of big family pictures can look similar... but I just know I've seen that top picture before! Now I wish I knew how I found you the first time, and when!!!
    I'm the oldest of 9 here on earth, and so I love to hear about large families <3. Haha :).
    Blessings in Christ,
    Bri from

    1. Haha, wow! Thanks for taking the time to visit my corner of the web!
      Hehe. Perhaps you have been here before. I'll be off to have a look at your blog soon to see if it looks familiar to me as well.
      I also love to hear about large families, and it's really cool to have received a comment from you. Thank you, Bri!


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