10 Oct 2016

Monday Musings [4] - My Song

It was You who set the earth spinning
You nurture every tree that is growing
You alone are mighty and all knowing
Of all Your wonder I will keep on singing

Oh, You crafted these bones
You made my heart a home
And knowledge within my soul
Tells me I don't have to be alone
You are my King, my Lord
And this, this is my song

You put this melody inside of me
Gave me strong feet and these wide eyes
So in Your grace I'll stand and see
And this fire that burns for You will never die

Oh, how good and how safe it feels
To know, know I belong to Someone
A thought that makes my head reel

To know that to You, I belong
You are my Savior, my first love

And this, this is my song.

written: 10/10/16


  1. poetry is one of my favorite things to read, especially when it comes from your blog <3

    ~ noor

  2. Oh my, this is just beautiful, Tane. <3

    Sophia xx

  3. WOW.

    Your writing always leaves me speechless.

  4. This is gorgeous, Tane! I also love all of your aesthetic flower pictures! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  5. Your song is a beautiful song♥ I just want to write this on my walls and see it right when I wake up every morning:)

  6. I like this a lot. Happy to see you here more often!

  7. Tane, how is it that you post EXACTLY about what I am feeling?
    I am being genuinely serious. I was feeling JUST like that yesterday.
    God is so good...

    This is SUCH a good poem! I feel like you should put a tune to it and actually sing it! It would be so beautiful, I know it will!

    Anyway, magnificent job! Hooray for Tane's ever splendiferous posts!


  8. tane, your poetry is honestly the best. ever.
    like your poems are what i would expect to read in like...like..a poem book or something. they are THAT good. you are seriously gifted by God <3 keep at it :)

  9. This was SO BEAUTIFUL!! <3

  10. Ah I loved this! So beautiful Tane!!

  11. So wonderfully written!

    Stay awesome as ever,

    Much love,

    Archie <3


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