4 Jan 2015

Enter; 2015

It's a fresh year.
It looks good.
It smells new.
It tastes of new chances.
It feels like: begin again.

I want to look forward. Because, looking backwards, although involving nostalgia and fond memories, it can also make me cringe a little. Here and there. You know?
So, here is my favorite quote for this new year. Not that anyone has even said it was related to the New Year at all.
Just because I think it's a perfect thought to think of as we start 2015.Sometimes.

Make more beautiful memories to look back on, darling. 
And don't dwell on the bad things of the past.
It's a brand new year.


  1. I really love this quote, and your blog. Your blog is so wonderful and I love the design!
    Sometimes I cringe when I think of last year too, but I try to think about how we don't have to dwell on the bad things of the past!
    Thanks for posting :)
    -Lauren <3
    P.S. I followed your blog!

  2. Oh dearest Tane. I do know. I do know.

    Reading this post filled me up with bubbling hope and placed the fondest of smiles on my face. Thank you for that. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

  3. Aahh, this is just too perfect, Tane! I love that quote-- it's beautiful x


  4. You're back! *cheers*
    I hope you have a stupendous 2015, dear!

  5. completely true. and that quote is quite profound too, I must say.

  6. This is just so sweet and I love the quote you shared ~ how very true it is, dear! Blessings and hugs!

  7. Your blog is so, so lovely, and this post is brilliant! That quote speaks right to my heart.



  8. I love that quote so much! Happy new year, Tane! <3


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